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Merck Stops Developing Both Of Its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

Merck, which previously made an Ebola vaccine, had been seen as a serious contender in the worldwide race to come up with an answer to COVID-19.

(Image credit: Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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Welcoming a New Addition to the Deep Space Network

NASA Image of the Day - 1 hour 16 sec ago
A powerful new antenna has been added to the NASA Space Communications and Navigation’s Deep Space Network.
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Vizio's Rotating Soundbar Fills the Room With Great Surround

Wired Top Stories - 1 hour 28 min ago
The flagship (and expensive) Elevate has rotating drivers for when you play Dolby Atmos-supported movies or shows.
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Stop Ignoring the Evidence on Covid-19 Treatments

Wired Top Stories - 2 hours 28 min ago
The studies are in, and for many patients convalescent plasma should be out. So why do doctors having such a hard time letting go?
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New Algorithms Could Reduce Racial Disparities in Health Care

Wired Top Stories - 2 hours 28 min ago
Machine learning programs trained with patient reports, rather than doctors', find problems that doctors miss—especially in Black people.
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Sun-Loving Bacteria May Be Accelerating Glacial Melting

Wired Top Stories - 2 hours 28 min ago
Scientists find that cyanobacteria cause sediments on glaciers to clump, thus absorbing more sunlight. It's not great news for fans of lower sea levels.
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Angered By New Coronavirus Restrictions, Protesters In Netherlands Clash With Police

Many people are angry that the Netherlands has imposed a new curfew to contain the spread of COVID-19 and new variants of the coronavirus.

(Image credit: Rob Engelaar/ANP/AFP via Getty Images)

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Biden Aims To Close Loopholes In Federal 'Buy American' Provisions

The measure is part of President Biden's promised push to boost U.S. manufacturing, and continues his efforts to sign a slew of executive actions during his first days in office.

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Tough Decisions Ahead For Biden's Incoming Solicitor General

At issue is whether the new administration should reverse course in cases where the Trump administration outlined a legal position. But the justices do not look kindly on the government flip-flopping.

(Image credit: Andrew Harnik/AP)

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House Poised To Transmit Article Of Impeachment Against Trump To Senate

The trial itself will begin on Feb. 9, giving the Democratic House impeachment managers and Trump's defense team two weeks to file briefs and finalize their legal preparations.

(Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Some Seniors Face Shrinking Nest Eggs As They Care For Loved Ones During Pandemic

Many senior citizens entered their golden years with more debt than previous generations, and now they're struggling financially as they try to provide care for an ailing relative during the pandemic.

(Image credit: Anna Romero)

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Protect Pregnant Women 'Through Research,' Not 'From Research,' OB-GYNs Urge

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out, doctors say it's long past time to address the exclusion of pregnant women from research on drugs and vaccines. They say better study design is the answer.

(Image credit: Orbon Alija/Getty Images)

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Fatal Police Shootings Of Unarmed Black People Reveal Troubling Patterns

Since 2015, police officers have fatally shot at least 135 unarmed Black people nationwide. The majority of officers were white and for at least 15 of them, the shootings were not their first or last.

(Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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Biden To Implement Travel Restrictions To Combat New Coronavirus Variants

Newly discovered variants of COVID-19 in South Africa and Brazil could make the virus more infectious and may decrease the efficacy of vaccines.

(Image credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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See How the Vaccine Rollout Is Going in Your State

The New York Times: “The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said about 18.5 million people have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and that about 3.2 million people had been fully vaccinated. The federal government said Sunday that it had delivered about 41.4 million doses to states, territories and federal agencies. The shipments, which came after a record-setting race to develop, study and approve a vaccine, have marked a turning point in the pandemic at a time when deaths and cases continue to set records. But federal health officials recently acknowledged that the vaccine rollout had had a slower-than-expected start and said they did not have a clear understanding as to why only a portion of the doses shipped across the nation had made it into arms. This table shows how many shots have been distributed and the percentage of those doses that have been used, as well as how many people in each jurisdiction have received at least one shot…”

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Mexican President López Obrador Tests Positive For COVID-19

Andrés Manuel López Obrador said his symptoms are mild. The Mexican leader has resisted lockdowns and repeatedly dismissed the health risks posed by the virus.

(Image credit: Ismael Rosas/Eyepix Group/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

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Biden’s team revamped in 6 weeks

Fast Company: “For a glimpse of how the Biden Administration plans to govern, look no further than the White House website. The new site has lots of negative white space and is designed to be accessible to everyone from Spanish speakers to citizens with vision impairments. “ ends up being the front page of the federal government,” says White House director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty, whose team would like users to consider a digital front door. It’s a stark contrast from the previous administration’s site, which used gold accents along with dark blue and white. Under President Donald Trump, a Spanish version of the site was removed (which the Biden administration reinstated). As for navigation: The Trump-era site put zero effort into making content easy to find and visually compelling. On a page about former U.S. presidents, the Trump site opted for a list rather than a visual grid with images. The design matters because the White House website is a place for people to learn about the administration and its agenda. It’s also a place for people to find jobs. Flaherty says some of its most trafficked pages are about the history of the White House and biographical information…The site introduces new features like high-contrast dark mode and large text options, which are both important for legibility and are especially important for users with visual impairments. It brought back a Spanish language version of the site, retired by the Trump administration, and features new details like inclusive pronoun dropdowns for its contact menu. Flaherty’s team also conducted a content audit. “We took down anything that gave the wrong impression of what our administration is about,” he says…”

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Visualizing the Benefits of Electric Cars

The New York Times: “Electric vehicles are better for the climate than gas-powered cars, but many Americans are still reluctant to buy them. One reason: The larger upfront cost. New data published Thursday shows that despite the higher sticker price, electric cars may actually save drivers money in the long-run. To reach this conclusion, a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology calculated both the carbon dioxide emissions and full lifetime cost — including purchase price, maintenance and fuel — for nearly every new car model on the market.They found electric cars were easily more climate friendly than gas-burning ones. Over a lifetime, they were often cheaper, too…

Source: by the MIT Trancik Lab | Note: The chart shows data for new cars, SUVs and other models that retail for $55,000 or less. The most fuel efficient trim for each car is included and additional trim levels are shown for cars over $35,000 if they have a lower fuel economy rating than other trims shown (they are less efficient) by at least 4 miles per gallon.”

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Mask Science – We need to talk about Gaps

Iris Luckhaus – “In Germany, the wearing of medical masks, i.e. FFP2 or surgical masks, became mandatory yesterday. Since I don’t think anyone will check certifications in public, this means that everything except cloth masks is allowed. I’d like to explain how masks work, how filter and fit determine their efficiency, and why a cloth mask ban doesn’t really make much sense to me. Furthermore, I’d like to point out solutions for a more responsible, safe and sustainable use of medical masks. One of these solutions could be wearing a cloth cover over medical masks, or double masking…I’ve studied clothing design with a focus on patterns, but worked mainly as an illustrator since. Last spring, I intended to sew a couple of masks for friends and family, so I tested all the patterns I could find. None of them fitted properly, so I used what I learnt to invent my own. Surprisingly, the first attempt was a perfect fit – gapless / fog-free, with space to breathe / speak and even reliably staying in place! To help others, I published the pattern, and ever since, the “Luckhaus Hybrid Mask” is enthusiastically sewn by volunteers and partners from all over the world. Meanwhile, I’ve helped countless makers, created a pictorial, customizations, instant masks and an infographic for mask tying. My expertise is pattern making, not material science, but after spending a lot of time reading and discussing studies and articles, I’ve learned a bit about how masks work. On this basis, I am writing here, to the best of my knowledge. The recent representation of cloth masks in German media vexes me. It is claimed that cloth masks “do not filter” or that “all air escapes to their sides”, whereas medical masks are presented as perfect protection, under all conditions. From what I know, that’s simply wrong – and making medical masks mandatory just doesn’t make sense to me…” [h/t Rachel Royece}

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Social Media Fueled Russian Protests Despite Government Attempts To Censor

Tens of thousands took to the streets across Russia, sharing photos and videos on social media faster than they could be removed, urging others to join.

(Image credit: Olga Maltseva/AFP via Getty Images)

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