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A Search For New Ways To Pay For Drugs That Cost A Mint

Installment plans and refunds for treatments that don't work are two options getting more attention as ultra-expensive therapies become more common. The financial strains will only grow.

(Image credit: Katherine Streeter for NPR)

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House Republicans To Choose Leaders After Midterm Defeat

With Democrats winning control of the House in the midterm elections House GOP members and incoming freshmen will elect leaders to run a smaller more conservative conference in the next Congress.

(Image credit: Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Landov)

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Yes, It's Almost Decision Time For 2020 Democratic Presidential Hopefuls

Dozens of Democrats are preparing to run for president in 2020. Advisers to some say that the Thanksgiving holiday next week begins a short window for potential candidates to make decisions.

(Image credit: Jeff J. Mitchell, Angela Weiss/AFP, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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Trump Nominates Retired Gen. John Abizaid To Be Ambassador To Saudi Arabia

Abizaid, a former CENTCOM commander, is best known for overseeing the Iraq War. The president's pick highlights the importance placed on the military partnership between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

(Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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Juul Pledges Big Changes, but the Impact May Be Small

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 11/13/2018 - 21:20
The e-cigarette maker says it will discontinue some flavors at retail outlets and shut down social media accounts ahead of an expected FDA crackdown.
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LGBT Splinter Group From Migrant Caravan Is The 1st To Arrive In Tijuana

About 80 mostly LGBT migrants reached the border city south of San Diego on Sunday. They plan to seek political asylum as early as Thursday, arriving weeks ahead of thousands en route to the U.S.

(Image credit: Rodrigo Abd/AP)

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Facing UK Regulation, Big Tech Sends a Lobbyist to London

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 11/13/2018 - 19:00
The Internet Association is taking its case to Whitehall, where members like Facebook, Twitter, and Google face increasing scrutiny.
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Latinos Increasingly Concerned About Their Place In U.S. Society, Survey Finds

A majority of Hispanics say they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

(Image credit: Pew Research Center)

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U.S. Officials 'Harden' Border With Mexico To Prepare For Migrant Caravan

Several lanes of northbound traffic from Tijuana will be closed to install "port hardening infrastructure equipment." U.S. Customs and Border Protection says drivers should expect delays.

(Image credit: Gregory Bull/AP)

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2 Electric Utilities Reported Problems Minutes Before Deadly Wildfires Began

Both Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison had warned customers that the companies might need to shut off power because of heightened fire risks.

(Image credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

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U.K. And EU Finally Agree On Brexit Text But It's Already Getting Slammed

Negotiators for the U.K. and the European Union have a draft agreement laying out how the U.K. will leave the E.U. next March, but the agreement still needs to be ratified by both parties.

(Image credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

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Watch The Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Hopefully you don't have anything planned between midnight Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday because with a clear calendar and clear skies you should be able to catch a glimpse of a few meteors.

(Image credit: NASA/Getty Images)

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Hacking in Movies: That 'Hackers' Scene May Not Be So Dumb After All

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 11/13/2018 - 16:22
As Samy Kamkar points out in this episode of 'Technique Critique,' it's certainly not the worst depiction of hacking we've seen in pop culture.
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CNN Sues Trump Administration To Restore Jim Acosta's Press Credentials

The White House suspended the reporter's credentials following a contentious news conference last week during which President Trump called him a "rude, terrible person."

(Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

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Climate Change: The Complete WIRED Guide

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 11/13/2018 - 15:09
The world is getting warmer, the weather is getting worse. Here's everything you need to know about what humans can do to stop wrecking the planet.
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U.K. Reaches Draft Brexit Deal With EU — But It May Be A Tough Sell

The British prime minister's office confirmed the deal Tuesday without offering details. But that did not silence Theresa May's critics at home, many of whom have already expressed opposition.

(Image credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

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Cases Of Mysterious Paralyzing Condition Continue To Increase, CDC Says

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating 252 cases of acute flaccid myelitis and has confirmed 90 cases. One or more viruses is suspected, but CDC says the cause is unknown.

(Image credit: Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

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There's No Copyrighting Taste, Rules EU Court In Dutch Cheese Case

Unlike literary or musical works, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled, the taste of a food depends on who's tasting it.

(Image credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

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Do You Know Someone Missing As The Camp Fire Burns?

Authorities estimate hundreds could still be missing in Northern California's Camp Fire. ​Are you searching for a friend or loved one, or do you know someone who is?

(Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Facing Defeat, Maine Republican Sues To Block State's Ranked-Choice Voting Law

Rep. Bruce Poliquin's lawsuit claims the state's ranked-choice voting law violates the U.S. Constitution because the candidate who gets the most votes may not ultimately be declared the winner.

(Image credit: Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

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