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Student Loans A Lot Like The Subprime Mortgage Debacle, Watchdog Says

Mike Calhoun rang the alarm bell early on about the subprime mortgage debacle — before reckless lending drove the economy into recession. These days, he's sounding the alarm about student loans.

(Image credit: Bridgett Turner/Courtesy of the Center for Responsible Lending)

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Pete Frates, A Driving Force Behind The Viral Ice Bucket Challenge, Dies At 34

The former Boston College baseball star was diagnosed with ALS when he was 27. He turned a fundraising challenge into a national story and helped raise millions for ALS research.

(Image credit: Charles Krupa/AP)

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Quilters Across The U.S. Answer Call To Help Sew Up Unfinished Project

A Chicago woman found an unfinished quilt of the United States at an estate sale and sought help online to finish it. Quilters from around the country joined her last weekend to complete the project.

(Image credit: Manuel Martinez/WBEZ)

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Appeals Court Skeptical Of Democrats' Lawsuit Over Trump's Overseas Business Deals

The legal challenge is one of number of court battles aimed at Trump over alleged violations of the so-called emoluments clauses, which ban the president from profiting from foreign governments.

(Image credit: Mark Tenally/AP)

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So Much For the Deep State Plot Against Donald Trump

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 15:44
Inspector general Michael Horowitz's report shows that the FBI's investigation of ties between Russia and the Trump campaign was both justified and without political bias.
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ACA Insurers In The Supreme Court: Why Consumers Should Pay Attention

The case centers on $12 billion in payments the federal government pledged to insurers to defray their losses in the first years of the health law. Did rescinding those payments send premiums soaring?

(Image credit: Phil Roeder/Getty Images)

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Green Monday Deals (2019): From Amazon, eBay, REI, and More

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 15:14
This shopping holiday might be made up, but these deals aren't.
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With Paris Peace Talks, Putin And Zelenskiy Meet For First Time

More than 13,000 people have been killed in the Russian insurgency since it began five years ago. The Ukrainian president entered the talks in a tricky position, wanting peace but lacking leverage.

(Image credit: Alexey Nikolsky/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

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Scientists Find a Weak Spot in Some Superbugs' Defenses

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 15:00
Treatment-resistant infections are increasingly common—and increasingly deadly. Now researchers have found a new way to attack some of those bacteria.
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Miss Universe 2019 Is Young, Gifted And An Outspoken Believer In 'Black Girl Magic'

Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa speaks out on "natural" beauty, gender equality and climate change.

(Image credit: Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters)

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At 34, Finland's Sanna Marin Set To Become World's Youngest Sitting Prime Minister

She was nominated to lead the Social Democratic party on Sunday after her predecessor stepped down. The four other parties in her coalition are all led by women.

(Image credit: Vesa Moilanen/AP)

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There's A New Kind Of Inequality. And It's Not About Income

A report issued by the U.N. Development Programme says that the 20th-century thinking about global inequality no longer works in the 21st century.

(Image credit: Cristobal Venegas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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Myanmar's Suu Kyi In Hague To Defend Against Rohingya Genocide Charges

The de facto leader of Myanmar will testify in front of the International Criminal Court to answer charges that her country carried out genocide against the Muslim minority group.

(Image credit: Myanmar State Counsellor Office via AP)

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These Plastic Bunnies Got a DNA Upgrade. Next up, the World?

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 11:00
Scientists infused a 3D-printed rabbit with genetic material, the first step toward a potential “DNA of things” where biology makes gadgets smarter.
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At Least 5 Dead After Volcano Erupts Off New Zealand Coast

Fewer than 50 people are believed to have been on or near White Island at the time of the eruption. Officials say some remain unaccounted for.

(Image credit: George Novak/AP)

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Golden Globe Nominations: Netflix Cleans Up As Famous Faces Rule

The Golden Globe nominations are always odd, but this year they may be even odder than usual, particularly on the TV side. But it must be said: The Globes love a star, and now they love Netflix.

(Image credit: François Duhamel/Netflix)

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Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Dies at 92

Volcker took the top job at the Federal Reserve in 1979, at a time when inflation was spiraling out of control. He is credited with taming it.

(Image credit: Chick Harrity/AP)

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Progress 73 Cargo Craft Departs the Station

NASA Image of the Day - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 09:42
To make room for the latest cargo craft on Nov. 29, Progress 73 departed the station after undocking from the Pirs docking compartment.
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The First *Wonder Woman 1984* Trailer Is Here

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 09:34
It's pretty epic. Oh, and after it's over, you might want to watch Ryan Reynolds in *Free Guy* too. 
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Star Wars News: No, Finn and Poe Aren’t Dating, Sorry

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 12/09/2019 - 09:00
Also, there's a new Star Wars game show coming to Disney+ next year.
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