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So Long, Inbox! Try These Email Apps Instead

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 16:30
Inbox was a great email app until Google killed it Tuesday. Fortunately, there are plenty of others out there.
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Electric Cars Hit Record In Norway, Making Up Nearly 60% Of Sales In March

Tesla's Model 3 is giving a jolt to Norway's car market. Also in play: Norway's lucrative incentives for owners of electric vehicles.

(Image credit: Lefteris Karagiannopoulos/Reuters)

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After Madrid Embassy Raid, North Korean Defector Group Vows More Action

The group's leader is "less like the leader of a civic group, and more like a soldier on a battlefield, bold and combative," says a defector who has worked with him. "He's a very charismatic leader."

(Image credit: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

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Journalist Describes An 'Almost Unimaginable' Crisis In Venezuela

Times reporter Nicholas Casey was in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in March 2019 during a six-day power outage. "By the fourth day," he says, "you started to hear shots getting fired in the street."

(Image credit: Ariana Cubillos/AP)

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What Boston Dynamics' Rolling 'Handle' Robot Really Means

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 15:00
It's about the hardware, yes. But more and more it's about the AI inside the scarycute dogs and humanoids.
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Some In The Beef Industry Are Bucking The Widespread Use Of Antibiotics. Here's How

Most beef cattle receive antibiotics in their feed to prevent liver abscesses while eating a high-energy diet. There's growing pressure on feedlots to stop this — and some have. But it's costly.

(Image credit: Dan Charles/NPR)

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North Carolina GOP Chair Indicted On Wire Fraud, Bribery Charges

According to the indictment, Robin Hayes and associates promised "millions of dollars of contributions" for "official actions" favorable to the Global Bankers Insurance Group.

(Image credit: Chuck Burton/AP)

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Sanders Tops Democratic Fundraising, So Far, As Harris And Buttigieg Draw Big Sums

The Vermont senator's campaign says it raised $18.2 million from more than 500,000 donors. Sen. Kamala Harris has raised $12 million, while South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised $7 million.

(Image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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Operation IceBridge: Exploring Alaska’s Mountain Glaciers

NASA Image of the Day - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 11:29
In Alaska, 5 percent of the land is covered by glaciers that are losing a lot of ice and contributing to sea level rise.
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How A Seed Bank Helps Preserve Cherokee Culture Through Traditional Foods

The seeds are free for any Cherokee, but recipients have been limited because demand is so high. Collecting the seeds has been difficult and emotional, but the program has helped unify the community.

(Image credit: Courtesy of the Cherokee Nation Seed Bank)

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Fake Birth Certificates A Growing Problem Amid Migrant Family Surge

The Trump administration is sounding the alarm about "fake families" amid a surge of Central Americans crossing the southern border. Immigrant advocates say they're just trying to make it to the U.S.

(Image credit: John Burnett/NPR)

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Lego Spike Prime Lets Kids Build Robots—and Confidence

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 10:30
Lego's newest STEM set uses bright colors, friendly shapes, and a simple coding environment to get 11- to 14-year olds into robotics.
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NASA: Debris From India's Anti-Satellite Test Raised Threat To Space Station

"That is a terrible, terrible thing to create an event that sends debris in an apogee that goes above the International Space Station," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said.

(Image credit: Handout ./Reuters)

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Cholera 101: Why This Ancient Disease Is Making Headlines In 2019

In theory no one should die of cholera. Yet 90,000 people die each year from the disease, which is surging at a historic pace in Yemen and surfacing in Mozambique in the wake of Cyclone Idai.

(Image credit: PHAS/UIG/Getty Images)

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Police Name Suspect In Nipsey Hussle Killing; 13 Injured At Rapper's Vigil

The LAPD has identified the suspect in rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle's death as 29-year-old Eric Holder, a Los Angeles man. On Monday night, there was a stampede at a Nipsey Hussle vigil.

(Image credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

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Joe Biden Is Democrats' Past, But New Allegations Mean He Might Not Be Its Future

Is the 76-year-old former vice president too much a man of the last century? His basic vulnerability is being cast as a candidate of the past in a party selling itself as the party of the future.

(Image credit: Rick Bowmer/AP)

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10 Must-Know Tips for Mastering 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice'

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 09:00
There's a lot to learn. Start here.
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By 2080, Tropical Diseases Could Be Headed to Alaska

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 08:00
Under one pessimistic climate change forecast, mosquitoes could expand their range all the way to the Arctic, redefining what we mean by 'tropical' diseases.
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99-Year-Old Australian Superfan Of Prince Harry Dies

Daphne Dunne first met Harry in 2015, when he was drawn to her because of the medals she wore from her late husband who died in World War II.

(Image credit: Paul Edwards/Pool/Getty Images)

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When Computers Collude

Companies are increasingly using algorithms to set their prices, but is that giving them too much power over consumers?

(Image credit: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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