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Who's Who In The Bush Family At Wednesday's State Funeral

Former President George H.W. Bush's son George W. will deliver a eulogy and three of his granddaughters will give biblical readings. They're just four members of the sprawling Bush family.

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Turbulent Trump Era May Unseat The Guardian Of The New Hampshire Primary

For 40 years, New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner's office has been a mandatory stop for presidential hopefuls. But his brief association with President Trump may cost him his job.

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Trump Emoluments Case: A Blast Of Subpoenas And A Politically Risky Schedule

A lawsuit involving President Trump and his D.C. hotel could hit the headlines in the fall of 2019, prime time in the next presidential campaign.

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School-Based Counselors Help Kids Cope With Fallout From Drug Addiction

More than 50 Massachusetts schools are participating in a new program that brings counselors in to help children deal with the stress and trauma of living in families struggling with drug addiction.

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14 Questions Robert Mueller Knows the Answer To

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 12/05/2018 - 05:00
The Russia investigation's known unknowns give valuable hints about the special counsel's next moves.
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U. Of Maryland Hires Michael Locksley To Lead Football Team In Time Of Tumult

The new head coach is replacing DJ Durkin, who was fired after a player died under his watch. Now, Locksley must revive a program mired in controversy, though he has a spotty coaching past of his own.

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Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warning For South Pacific Islands

The massive temblor struck the region Wednesday afternoon local time. Authorities warned that tsunami waves could soon follow for Vanuatu and the French overseas territory of New Caledonia.

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Michael Flynn Has Provided 'Substantial Assistance' In Russia Inquiry, Feds Say

Prosecutors said Flynn's cooperation since his guilty plea has been so valuable that a judge should be lenient at sentencing, but the full details still aren't public in a heavily redacted document.

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Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Settles Defamation Suit, Silencing Women's Testimony

The alleged victims' lawyer, Bradley Edwards, says the women will still get their day in court. They're seeking to overturn a 2008 plea deal negotiated by now-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.

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Demonstrators Across Israel Protest Violence Against Women

The protesters honored women killed in 2018, and called for the government to take action. They used empty shoes and posed as victims in graphic displays.

(Image credit: Oded Balilty/AP)

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Democrats Weigh Options In Potentially-Tainted N.C. Congressional Race

State investigators appears focused on whether a Republican political operative violated the law by hiring people to collect mail-in ballots from voters. The GOP candidate won with a 900 vote margin.

(Image credit: The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

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Journalist Flies Home To The Philippines To Face Arrest Warrant, Posts Bail

Maria Ressa, the head of Rappler, an online news outlet known to criticize the Philippine government, was charged with tax evasion. "I will do what I need to do to face all of this," she said.

(Image credit: Aaron Favila/AP)

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Satanic Sculpture Installed At Illinois Statehouse, Just In Time For The Holidays

There's a Nativity scene for Christmas, a menorah for Hanukkah, and something a little different: an arm holding an apple, with a snake coiled around it.

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Too Much Vitamin D In Dog Food May Have Poisoned Pets, Spurring Recalls And FDA Alert

The FDA says pet owners should watch out for vitamin D toxicity. Recalled brands include Abound, Nutrisca and Natural Life.

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Pentagon Will Train Recruits Holding Green Cards Following Court Order

A federal judge ruled that the Pentagon provided no rationalization for recruiting immigrants and then delaying their military service.

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6 Little Words Helped Make George H.W. Bush (A 1-Term) President

"Read my lips" succeeded at countering Bush's image problem. But if it improved his chances of being elected in 1988, it may have ruined his chances of being re-elected in 1992.

(Image credit: Mike Spague/AFP/Getty Images)

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Denmark's Latest Stand Against 'Undesirable' Migrants: Ship Them To An Island

Lawmakers have agreed to send rejected refugees or those with criminal records to an uninhabited island once used to test diseased animals.

(Image credit: James Brooks/AP)

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GOP Email Hack Shows How Bad Midterm Election Meddling Got

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/04/2018 - 16:30
Election-related hacking during the midterm season seemed fairly muted, but it turns out that the National Republican Congressional Committee suffered a major breach.
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