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Your 2018 Health Plan Must Comply With ACA Rules Or You Risk Tax Penalties

The tax reform law passed in December did repeal the Affordable Care Act's penalties for not having comprehensive health insurance. But the penalties are still in effect until 2019.

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Trump Powers Small Dollar Donor Surge For Democratic Fundraising Site

The site, ActBlue, raised a record $522.7 million for Democrats in 2017. By comparison, President Trump's campaign took in $350.7 million over two years for the 2016 election.

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Hollywood Diversity Study Finds 'Mixed Bag' When It Comes To Representation

The report finds that broadcast TV and children's series are increasingly diverse, but people of color remain underrepresented on all fronts, including lead roles, writers, directors and showrunners.

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The Curious Case Of A Florida Man Who Called Politicians Corrupt, Got Thrown In Jail

Fane Lozman's second trip to the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday could have far-reaching implications for freedom of speech.

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New Front In Data Privacy At The Supreme Court: Can U.S. Seize Emails Stored Abroad?

The Supreme Court to decide whether a U.S. warrant can compel Microsoft to turn over a user's emails stored in Ireland.

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Georgia's Lt. Gov. Threatens To Kill Tax Break For Delta Air Lines Amid NRA Spat

Republican Casey Cagle says he will "kill" pending legislation to give Delta a tax exemption on jet fuel after the carrier said it was ending its discount for NRA members.

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