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Ivanka Trump Launches $50 Million Program To Empower Women In The Workplace

She wants to make it help 50 million women around the world get jobs and start their own businesses. Critics are waiting for more details.

(Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

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Nearly 2 Dozen Iranian Revolutionary Guards Reportedly Killed In Bomb Attack

The Guards were killed in a restive region bordering Pakistan. Without providing evidence, Iran blamed the U.S. for the attack.

(Image credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images via Fars News Agency)

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R.I.P., Opportunity Rover: the Hardest-Working Robot in the Solar System

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 16:38
NASA announced that, after 15 years and 5,000 charge cycles, the Mars rover Opportunity is officially dead. Here’s what killed the tenacious little robot.
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FEMA Administrator Brock Long Says He Will Step Down

In a surprise announcement, Long says it is time to go home to his family. An internal government watchdog said he had improperly used government vehicles to travel to his home in North Carolina.

(Image credit: Rich Pedroncelli/AP)

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Should Big Tech Own Our Personal Data?

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 16:15
Opinion: Personal data is increasingly a core part of our personhood. Which is why the “service for data” model is a devil’s bargain.
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Congress Awaits Final Border Bill With Shutdown Deadline Looming

House and Senate leaders aim to vote by the Friday deadline on a seven-bill spending package that includes a $1.375 billion in funding for 55 miles of fencing along the U.S. border with Mexico.

(Image credit: Rebecca Blackwell/AP)

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Levi Strauss Wants To Stretch Its Pockets With Second Go At IPO

The denim company, which patented blue jeans in 1873, is planning to go public in one of the most high-profile IPOs of the year. Still controlled by Strauss descendants, it's been private since 1985.

(Image credit: Jeff Chiu/AP)

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Lufthansa Airlines Sues Customer Who Skipped Part Of His Return Flight

The Lufthansa passenger paid around $741 to fly business class from Oslo to Seattle and back. But on his return trip, he got off in Germany — and the airline wants him to pay more than $2,000.

(Image credit: Michael Probst/AP)

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Ex-Apple Exec Who Oversaw Insider Trading Policy Profited On Inside Info, SEC Says

The agency says Gene Levoff used prior knowledge of earnings to buy and sell millions of dollars in Apple stock, even as he was responsible for overseeing compliance with rules on insider trading.

(Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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US Air Force Defector Allegedly Helped Iran Hack Americans

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 14:29
In an astonishing indictment, the DoJ details how Monica Witt allegedly turned on her former counterintelligence colleagues.
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NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Is Officially Declared Dead

NASA's six-wheeled rover landed on the red planet in January 2004 for what was billed as a 90-day mission. The plucky robot was still going until a dust storm on Mars last summer killed it.

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

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Hungry Deer May Be Changing How Things Sound In The Forest

Sound travels differently through open fields than the woods. When deer eat up bushes, small trees and other forest plants, it affects the transmission of bird calls and other natural sounds.

(Image credit: Rob Swanson/AP)

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A 6-Legged Robot Stares at the Sky to Navigate Like a Desert Ant

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 14:00
AntBot looks for the polarized light from the sun in order to find its way. Your robot car could do the same one day.
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Prominent Journalist And Duterte Critic Maria Ressa Arrested In Philippines

Ressa, who runs Rappler, is being charged with cyber libel. Police arrested her Wednesday at the news website's headquarters in Manila.

(Image credit: Joe Russo/Invision/AP)

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As Brexit Deadline Looms, Billboards Call Out Politicians' 'Quick And Easy' Claims

The protest group Led By Donkeys wants to remind citizens of what it considers to be misleading pledges by pro-Brexit leaders, as political chaos continues ahead of the March 29 exit date.

(Image credit: Frank Langfitt/NPR)

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Journalist: Kleptocrats' 'Ill-Gotten Fortunes' Are Being Parked In U.S. Real Estate

Atlantic journalist Franklin Foer says American real estate became a "giant magnet" for Russia's kleptocratic fortunes after lobbyists pushed to allow anonymous shell companies to buy properties.

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Harley-Davidson Embraces A New Sound As It Enters The Electric Era

The LiveWire, Harley's first electric bike, was first announced more than four years ago. It's finally hitting the streets this summer — for a hefty price. But will Harley fans be along for the ride?

(Image credit: Josh Kurpius/Harley-Davidson)

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Taking a Look Back at Opportunity's Record-Setting Mission

NASA Image of the Day - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 12:57
NASA's record-setting Opportunity rover mission on Mars comes to end.
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New York City Police Detective Killed By Apparent 'Friendly Fire'

Police said they found an imitation gun at the scene of the reported armed robbery. The 19-year-veteran of the force was not supposed to report to work on the day he died.

(Image credit: Kevin Hagen/AP)

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Sony's PlayStation Classic is a Great Deal Right Now (Only $40)

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 12:39
It's only a couple months old, but Sony's miniature PS Classic has dropped from $100 to just $40.
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