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Larry Page and Sergey Brin Hand Over Alphabet’s Reins

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 19:00
Google chief Sundar Pichai is now also the CEO of Alphabet, but Page and Brin aren’t totally out of the picture.
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Blockchain Developer Gets Busted After Talk in North Korea

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 18:30
Hacker and Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith was recently arrested by US authorities for speaking at a conference on blockchain technologies.
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Google Founders Brin, Page Step Down; Pichai Takes Over As Alphabet CEO

Ending an era at the Internet's biggest search company, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are leaving their leadership roles and Sundar Pichai will become CEO of Google and its parent.

(Image credit: Paul Sakuma/AP)

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Elon Musk’s Slander Trial, Offensive Ornaments on Amazon, and More News

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 17:12
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.
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Rep. Adam Schiff: 'The Uncontested Facts Show This President Solicited A Bribe'

The House intelligence chairman told NPR that President Trump should also be charged with obstruction: "It is difficult to imagine a more ironclad case of obstruction of Congress than this one."

(Image credit: Mhari Shaw/NPR)

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Stocks Slide As Trump Says China Trade Deal Might Wait Until After 2020 Election

"A China trade deal is dependent on one thing — do I want to make it," the president said, adding, "In some ways, I like the idea of waiting until after the election for the China deal."

(Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

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Milan Kundera's Czech Citizenship Is Restored After 40 Years

The author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being saw his books banned and citizenship revoked in 1979. Exiled in Paris, Kundera began writing his novels in French.

(Image credit: AFP via Getty Images)

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Why Giving Tuesday Raises An Uncomfortable Moral Dilemma

Every time we divvy up our money among good causes, we're making a moral judgment about who is most deserving.

(Image credit: Katherine Streeter for NPR)

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The 53 Best Cyber Monday 2019 Deals Still Available Now: Amazon, Walmart, Etc

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 15:33
These deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Adorama, and other retailers were extended and are still going on, but they may end at any time.
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Under Trump, NATO Nations Get More U.S. Troops And Military Spending

Despite the president's criticism of the alliance, his administration has spent far more on a European defense program than did the Obama White House. U.S. troop levels in Europe have also risen.

(Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

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After A Freak Accident, A Doctor Finds Insight Into 'Living Life And Facing Death'

In 1990, BJ Miller was electrocuted by a train. That accident during college took most of his limbs, but the event and his recovery inspired him to pursue a career as a palliative care physician.

(Image credit: Simon & Schuster)

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SpaceX Will Bring the Science of Fire and Beer to the ISS 

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 14:37
A SpaceX rocket, slated to launch Wednesday, is carrying experiments on beer brewing, muscle decay, and fire behavior to the International Space Station.
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Why YouTube Won’t Ban Trump’s Misleading Ads About Biden

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 14:13
Google says it's against company policies for advertisers to make false claims, but when it comes to politicians, not all lies are created equal. 
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At Harvard, Grad Students Form A Picket Line Over Wages, Health Care And Protections

Union leaders and university officials have been negotiating for over a year, yet a contract has not been agreed to. Grad students began an indefinite strike on the university's last day of classes.

(Image credit: Michael Dwyer/AP)

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READ: Impeachment Inquiry Report By House Intelligence Committee

The findings draw from hours of depositions and hearings. The House Judiciary now takes over the next phase of the inquiry, potentially drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump.

(Image credit: Matt McClain/AP)

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Amid Breakdown In Nuclear Talks, North Korea Threatens U.S. With 'Christmas Gift'

Pyongyang did not elaborate on the statement, but in 2017, state media referred to North Korea's first test launch of an ICBM as part of a "package of gifts" for the U.S.

(Image credit: Lee Jin-man/AP)

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Kamala Harris Drops Out Of Presidential Race

The California senator entered with high expectations and took off after a blockbuster debate showdown with Joe Biden. But her support and funding fell in recent months.

(Image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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Banks Must Provide Trump's Financial Records To Congress, Federal Appeals Court Rules

Lawmakers want information stretching back nearly a decade from Deutsche Bank and Capitol One on President Trump, his family members and businesses. Trump is expected to appeal to the Supreme Court.

(Image credit: Natasha Livingstone/AP)

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German Special Forces Officer To Be Suspended Over Ties To Right-Wing Extremism

Two other soldiers allegedly performed a Nazi salute. German defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer says decisive action will be taken against instances of extremism within the army.

(Image credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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Want Vintage NASA Space Photos? Sotheby's Can Help

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 11:41
Sure, NASA gives away digital files for free, but the auction house is currently selling some of its original prints.
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