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Updated: 1 hour 11 min ago

Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Send Yusaku Maezawa (and Artists!) to the Moon

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 01:39
Elon Musk introduced the Japanese billionaire as the mystery passenger who booked a trip to the moon aboard SpaceX's BFR rocket, along with a half-dozen artists he plans to invite.
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Audi at Last Unveils the E-tron, Its First All-Electric SUV

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 00:00
Starting at $74,500 and offering 248(ish) miles of range, the E-tron is here to do battle with Tesla and every other automaker crowding into the luxury electric market.
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Data Firms Team up to Prevent the Next Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 20:06
A new working group of Republican and Democratic firms is writing rules for their industry amid mounting scrutiny and consumer privacy concerns.
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Linux's Creator Is Sorry. But Will He Change?

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 19:11
Linus Torvalds says he will take a break to learn more about "how to understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately."
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Blood Moon vs. Supermoon: Which is Rarer?

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 17:02
What do all of these special-sounding moon terms really mean?
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Tonight: Watch SpaceX Announce Its First Passenger to the Moon

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 16:51
Here's how to watch live as CEO Elon Musk reveals the first customer it will take to the moon aboard its BFR rocket, among other details.
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Jennifer Lawrence's Russian Accent in 'Red Sparrow' Wasn't Great

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 14:03
Margot Robbie's in *I, Tonya* was spot-on, though.
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To Combat Climate Change, We Gotta Get a Better Battery. But How?

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 14:00
Energy storage is hard at scale. What would we do if batteries can’t support the clean energy of the future?
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Facebook Broadens Its Bug Bounty to Include Third-Party Apps

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 11:00
Starting Monday, Facebook will pay at least $600 to researchers who spot third-party apps behaving badly on its platform.
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Google AI Tool Identifies a Tumor's Mutations From an Image

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 11:00
The algorithm can distinguish between different kinds of lung cancer, and could speed up a patient's diagnosis by weeks.
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Sinemia's Unlimited Movie Ticket Plan Costs $30 a Month

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 10:00
MoviePass competitor Sinemia is introducing an unlimited plan of its own, but it'll cost you.
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Photo Gallery: Meet the Transhumanists Turning Themselves Into Cyborgs

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 09:00
Swiss photographer Matthieu Gafsou traveled the world documenting the transhumanist subculture.
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'American Vandal': In Its Second Season, the Netflix Gem Gets Even Smarter

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 08:00
Amidst all the gross-out humor is a show that demonstrates real insight into the way tech shapes our social lives.
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Tern GSD S10 Review: Our Favorite Cargo Bike

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 08:00
A compact cargo e-bike broadens the definition of what a cargo bike can be.
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At the Edge of the World, Facing the End of the World

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 07:00
Want to feel better about climate change? Last week’s climate summit showed that the most ambitious action isn’t happening on the national scale—it’s cities and states that are leading the way.
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The Latest Course Catalog Trend? Blockchain 101

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 06:00
A growing number of colleges and universities are offering courses in blockchain technology or establishing blockchain research institutes.
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5 Great Routes for Self-Driving Trucks—When They're Ready

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 00:01
Traffic analytics company Inrix looked at freight and safety data to consider where robo-trucks could make the biggest impact.
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How to Watch the 2018 Emmy Awards

Sun, 09/16/2018 - 20:00
Here's how to watch television's biggest night—even if you don't own a TV.
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Evacuating for Florence, Tesla's Security Flaw, and More in This Week in Cars

Sun, 09/16/2018 - 13:12
Plus: flying cars get hooked up, BMW and Mercedes show off new concepts, and Waze makes Chicago more navigable.
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President Trump's Tweets Top This Week's Internet News Roundup

Sun, 09/16/2018 - 09:00
Some things should never be tweeted, really.
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