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Prosecutors Drop Criminal Charges Against Actor Kevin Spacey In Sexual Assault Case

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 17:52

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said in court documents filed Wednesday, he was abandoning the case "due to the unavailability of the complaining witness."

(Image credit: Steven Senne/AP)

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'No Meaningful Oversight': ICE Contractor Overlooked Problems At Detention Centers

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 17:48

Public scrutiny of the health and safety conditions at immigration detention centers is growing. But the contractor ICE hired to inspect those conditions is accused of ignoring problems for years.

(Image credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

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2nd Democratic Primary Debate: See Which Candidates Made The Cut

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 17:33

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will be taking the place of California Rep. Eric Swalwell, who dropped out last week. The lineup for each night of the July 30-31 event will be announced Thursday.

(Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Trump's New Asylum Rules A Hard Blow To The Thousands Waiting To Cross Legally

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 16:24

"People get in line, everything is regulated," said one migrant who has waited three months. "And now comes this, that you have to have political asylum in a third country."

(Image credit: Herika Martinez/AFP/Getty Images)

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Your Local Library May Have A New Offering In Stock: A Resident Social Worker

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 16:24

Libraries have never been just about books; they're also crucial hubs of community support. Some are even expanding that role, and supporting their librarians, by bringing in trained social workers.

(Image credit: Jason Doiy/Courtesy of the San Francisco Public Library)

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Drug In A Rug: Is That A Bag Of Cocaine Under Your Toupee?

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 16:21

A Colombian man trying to sneak more than a pound of the drug into Spain was caught with the package (poorly) hidden under his fake hair, a police official told NPR.

(Image credit: Spanish National Police via Reuters)

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They Fight — Politely — For What's Right For The World's Girls

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 16:05

We spoke to teen activists at the Girl Up event in Washington, D.C., this week. They had a lot to say about everything from buzzwords that make them mad to the best ways to de-stress.

(Image credit: Olivia Falcigno/NPR)

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No F-35 Fighter Jets For Turkey, White House Says In Rebuke Over Russian Missiles

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 15:37

"The F-35 cannot coexist with a Russian intelligence collection platform that will be used to learn about its advanced capabilities," White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said.

(Image credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

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Car Shopping, Handbags And Wealthy Uncles: The Quest To Explain High Drug Prices

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 15:10

Trump administration officials say drugs' list prices are like cars' sticker prices — easily negotiated. But in the life and death world of medicine, health economists say, that analogy falls apart.

(Image credit: tomeng/Getty Images)

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Menstrual Cups: Study Finds They're Safe To Use — And People Like Them

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 15:07

A comprehensive analysis looks at the cup, its ability to prevent leaks — and whether it could be a viable alternative to pads and tampons in low-income countries.

(Image credit: Science Source)

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Remembering Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 14:18

Stevens, who died Tuesday, was appointed by President Ford and served on the court for 35 years before retiring in 2010. He spoke to Fresh Air in 2011 about his memoir, Five Chiefs.

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WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak In Congo An International Health Emergency

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 14:15

The current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed more than 1,650 people, according to the World Health Organization. About 12 new cases are reported daily.

(Image credit: Al-hadji Kudra Maliro/AP)

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WNBA Suspends Riquna Williams For 10 Games Over Alleged Domestic Violence

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 13:33

The Los Angeles Sparks guard was charged months ago with assaulting an ex-girlfriend. She will miss nearly a third of the regular season, and the WNBA players union plans to file a grievance.

(Image credit: Nick Wass/AP)

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Residente, Bad Bunny And iLe Share Puerto Rico Protest Song 'Afilando Los Cuchillos'

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 13:05

Amid the most crucial political crisis to hit Puerto Rico in its modern history, Puerto Rican artists Residente, Bad Bunny and iLe respond with music in real time.

(Image credit: Erika Goldring/FilmMagic)

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As Scrutiny Of China Grows, Some U.S. Schools Drop A Language Program

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 12:31

At least 13 U.S. universities have shut down their Confucius Institutes, which are funded by China's government. Critics say the program could be used to recruit spies or steal university research.

(Image credit: Chris Walker/AP)

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U.S. Asylum Agents: 'Very Little Time' To Prepare Before New Immigration Rule

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 12:20

The memo, written by the head of asylum at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, notified officers that immigrants at the southern border are ineligible for asylum, with a few exceptions.

(Image credit: Gregory Bull/AP)

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'Vulnerable' Migrants Should Be Exempt From 'Remain In Mexico,' But Many Are Not

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 12:18

As migrants are returned to Mexican border cities, the government says it makes exceptions for those who are "vulnerable" to stay in the U.S. But advocates say that's not happening consistently.

(Image credit: Paul Ratje for NPR)

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Now Starring In Children's Cartoons: Authentic Indigenous Characters

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 12:01

An Alaska Native girl (Molly of Denali), an Andean boy (Pachamama), two half-brothers in Mesoamerica (Victor and Valentino): Three new animations feature Native people without bygone-era baggage.

(Image credit: WGBH Educational Foundation)

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EU Investigates If Amazon Hurts Competition By Using Sellers' Data

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 11:11

The European Union's antitrust arm will evaluate Amazon's role as both a retailer and a marketplace for others. One focus will be on Amazon's use of data collected from third-party sellers.

(Image credit: Jens Schlueter/Getty Images)

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'Escalante's Dream' Retraces The Steps Of The 'Spanish Lewis And Clark'

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 10:45

After a cancer diagnosis, author and noted mountaineer David Roberts sets out on the trail of Atanasio Domínguez and Silvestre Vélez de Escalante, remaining dutiful to the route some 240 years later.

(Image credit: W.W.Norton & Co. )

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