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Cardiac Research on the Space Station

Tue, 04/07/2020 - 10:05
Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Jessica Meir conducts cardiac research inside the Life Sciences Glovebox.
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Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation in Infrared

Mon, 04/06/2020 - 09:20
In this Hubble Space Telescope image, researchers has revisited one of Hubble's most iconic and popular images: the Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation.
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Hubble Captures a Cannibal Galaxy

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 08:11
This remarkable spiral galaxy, known as NGC 4651, may look serene and peaceful as it swirls in the vast, silent emptiness of space, but don’t be fooled — it keeps a violent secret.
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Rosette Nebula Gives Birth to Stars

Thu, 04/02/2020 - 04:42
This 2010 image from the Herschel Space Observatory shows dust clouds associated with the Rosette Nebula, a stellar nursery about 5,000 light-years from Earth in the Monoceros, or Unicorn, constellation.
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Klotho and Lina

Wed, 04/01/2020 - 09:33
Appearing as strings of orange dots, the brightest sets of dots belong to asteroids Klotho and Lina. Both orbit out in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
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Be An Astronaut

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 09:48
In March 2017, Peggy Whitson broke the then-spacewalking record for female astronauts.
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Celebrating NASA's Astronaut-Physicians

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 09:31
Today is National Doctors' Day!
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Hubble Hooks a One-Arm Galaxy

Fri, 03/27/2020 - 07:30
Located about 21 million light-years from our galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici, NGC 4618 has a diameter of about one-third that of our Milky Way. Together with its neighbor, NGC 4625, it forms an interacting galaxy pair, which means that the two galaxies are close enough to influence each other gravitationally.
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Denman Glacier in East Antarctica

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 09:45
This photograph shows ripples in the surface of Denman Glacier in East Antarctica that throw shadows against the ice.
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Tracking Methane Sources and Movement Around the Globe

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 08:43
NASA’s new three-dimensional portrait of methane concentrations shows the world’s second largest contributor to greenhouse warming.
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Astronaut Christina Koch Services a 3-D Biological Printer

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 08:45
Christina Koch handles media bags that enable the manufacturing of organ-like tissues using the BioFabrication Facility (BFF), a 3-D biological printer on the International Space Station.
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Viewing Our Galactic Center

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 08:32
The central region of our galaxy, the Milky Way, contains an exotic collection of objects.
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Celebrating Women at NASA: Aerospace Engineer Michelle Lynde

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 01:40
Michelle Lynde is an aerospace engineer who conducts aerodynamic analysis of configurations using Computational Fluid Dynamics tools, wind tunnel experiments and flight tests.
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Remembering Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 08:16
Former astronaut Al Worden, command module pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar landing, passed away March 18, 2020, in Texas.​
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Alligators and Rockets: Sharing the Kennedy Space Center

Wed, 03/18/2020 - 08:54
An alligator lurks in a marshy waterway at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The center shares a border with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
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Test Version of Orion Capsule Recovered in the Pacific Ocean

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 01:41
With the USS John P. Murtha (LPD 26) in the distance, helicopters from the HSC-23 squadron fly by a test version of an Orion capsule during Underway Recover y Test-8 in the Pacific Ocean.
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Next Space Station Crew Takes a Break From Training

Mon, 03/16/2020 - 07:44
Expedition 63 crewmembers Chris Cassidy of NASA (left) and Anatoly Ivanishin (center) and Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos (right) pose for pictures in front of a Soyuz trainer.
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Michun North: My Everyday Extraordinary Is Helping Launch America into Space

Fri, 03/13/2020 - 09:13
Michun North is a program analyst, who helps manage finances for the Commercial Crew Program.
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Apollo 9 Takes the Lunar Module for a Test Drive

Thu, 03/12/2020 - 09:03
When Apollo 9 in March 1969 human spaceflight, it was the second crewed mission and the countdown to Apollo 11.
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A Slice of Polar Layer Cake

Wed, 03/11/2020 - 10:11
The Martian ice cap is like a cake with every layer telling a story. In this case, the story is one of climate change on Mars.
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