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Guide on Buying a Television

Sat, 03/20/2021 - 05:04

A TV is usually the center of attention in your living room whether you watch it or not. Your TV might be your best friend for years to come. TV shopping has become like an extreme sport because after a few years there are new features and choices. Before you spend your money, there are some factors you should consider:

TV Size

The TV size is measured by the screen size usually diagonally, corner to corner, and not side to side. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about the space because TVs can be mounted on the wall, this means there’s no need of buying a piece of furniture to place your TV. If you have the money, the bigger TV the better. Don’t forget that a TV with a big screen will turn your space into a cozy cinema.

How many people are going to watch the screen at the same time and pick the right size. The TV for a typical living room should range from 55 to 65 inches. The screen size also depends on how close you are to the screen. You are able to see the pixels of the screen then know you are too close.


When it comes to price consider two things the number of times you watch TV and how long you plan to keep your TV. If you watch a lot of TVs and plan to have a new one after five years or more, then spending more is worth it. Normal HDTVs are cheap and perfect for the kitchen or spare bedroom. An HD resolution TV on a smaller screen of 32 inches or less still has fantastic pictures.

Nowadays the price of TVs tends to go down after 3-5 years, don’t worry if you can’t afford your dream TV at the moment, there is a chance to upgrade. However, more money means better contrast, deeper blacks, broader and richer color spectrum.

Remote Control

Some of the newer TV brands have a fancy remote control that doesn’t last for long. Don’t buy a TV because of a fancy remote, it might be difficult to get another one once that is spoilt.

Buy a TV that you can upgrade the remote at any time or get a third-party remote. Your TV should be compatible with a universal remote that can replace all other remotes. It is an easy way to use one remote like cable or dish remote to control everything.


All electronic devices bought from authorized dealers must have a warranty. The warranty is issued by the manufacturing company. Most big brands such as LG and Samsung have their service team coming to your house in case there is an issue. They also have running customer service centers that are there to assist customers.

It might be hard to ship a TV back to the manufacturer if you encounter a problem. Make sure you deal with the authorized dealer, get the warrant certificate, phone number, and email support of the manufacturer. Consider purchasing a warranty for a TV that costs more than $2,000. If you are buying the entire home theater get a system warranty rather than one for each device.…

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