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COVID-19 and Social Media Content Moderation

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 17:06
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Confronting Viral Disinformation

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 16:02
Categories: Tech-n-law-ogy

It Wasn’t Just Trump Who Got It Wrong

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 10:54
Categories: Tech-n-law-ogy

When privacy meets pandemic

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 13:09
Categories: Tech-n-law-ogy

How Do We Build Systems Of Trust Online?

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 10:48
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A German company is responsible for the deletion of videos critical of the Albanian government

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 16:11

Searches in the Lumen database reveal the complexities around the rules that platforms follow when they agree to the removal of content.

Adam Holland weighed in: “...a journalistic organization taking some video clips from a politician’s TV interview and placing them in dialogue with statements from others in a longer framing video, has all the hallmarks of a straightforward fair use — although again, every case is unique and fact specific.” 

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We need privacy and data laws to tackle this global pandemic

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 16:11

Governments are increasingly using digital technologies and big data analytics to address the Covid-19 pandemic. At this stage of the pandemic, these technologies may not deliver their promise and will further entrench surveillance in our societies and erode the rule of law. BKC fellow Beatriz Botero Arcila argues that it doesn’t need to be that way.

“There is a good chance this will be a long, bumpy ride,” writes Arcila. “Yet now is the time to think about what we might want to change for when we go back, slowly, to our daily lives, and of course, what the role of technology in that future should be. It doesn’t need to be an enhanced surveillance future.”

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The government might want your phone location data to fight coronavirus. Here’s why that could be okay.

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 16:11

David O’Brien argues that the American government will have to walk a fine line if it wants to get useful information while still preserving citizens’ privacy rights.

“It is possible to do this and to provide some privacy,” O’Brien says. “But I think that the trade-off has always been you want to very carefully match any types of privacy measures you put in place against what is it that you ultimately want to learn from the data.”

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