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Trump Expected To Declare National Emergency To Help Fund Southern Border Wall

Almost certain legal challenges and likely pushback from some within his own party await the president in the next phase of the ongoing national political battle over border security and immigration.

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ICE Halts Force-Feeding Of Detained Hunger Strikers In Texas

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has come under pressure to explain why it was force-feeding detained asylum-seekers protesting their detention. Nine of the 12 hunger strikers are from India.

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Au Revoir, Airbus A380

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 02/14/2019 - 20:53
It was so huge that it required a whole special bespoke transportation logistics setup, but no one wanted to buy it.
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Racial Disparities In Cancer Incidence And Survival Rates Are Narrowing

African-Americans still have the highest death rate and the lowest survival rate of any U.S. racial or ethnic group for most cancers. But the "cancer gap" between blacks and whites is shrinking.

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New Orleans Man Gets 10 Years In Prison For Race-Motivated Post-Katrina Shooting

The case is the last high-profile legal action arising from the violent and chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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Emergency Declaration For Border Wall Could Tap Military Funds

A 1982 law empowers the secretary of defense to redirect military construction funds during a presidentially declared national emergency.

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How Do I (Safely) Use Dating Apps?

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 02/14/2019 - 18:30
Happy Love Day! (Ugh) Here's how to get started with Tinder, Bumble, and so on
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Americans Tightened Their Belts And It Might Hurt Economic Numbers Important To Trump

What started off as a strong holiday shopping season ended with a whimper, as December retail sales posted the sharpest drop in nine years. That could mean GDP growth will miss the president's target.

(Image credit: David Zalubowski/AP)

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Third Suspect In Poisoning Of Former Russian Spy Named By Investigative Group

The suspect is a high-ranking officer in Russia's military intelligence agency, Bellingcat says. The group accuses the Russian government of expunging documents to conceal the man's identity.

(Image credit: Pavel Golovkin/AP)

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Academy Defends Decision Not To Present 4 Awards Live

Some Hollywood luminaries have criticized truncating the broadcast of awards for best cinematography, film editing, live action short, and makeup and hairstyling. Some parts will be shown later.

(Image credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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McCabe's 'The Threat' May Be Darkest Vision Of Trump Presidency Yet

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said Thursday that top Justice Dept. officials discussed invoking the 25th Amendment. But his new book is about far more than that.

(Image credit: Amr Alfiky/NPR)

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Florists Fear A 'No-Deal' Brexit Would Wilt The Flower Business

U.K. flower shop owners who rely on shipments from the Netherlands are concerned about how leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement will affect them.

(Image credit: Frank Langfitt/NPR)

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A U.S. Hunter Paid $110,000 To Shoot A Pakistani Goat

A trophy hunting program aims to protect the national animal, a goat called the markhor. Local social media was full of protests. But there's another side to the story.

(Image credit: Zahoor Salmi/Getty Images)

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U.S. Looking To Reduce Kabul Embassy Staff As Afghanistan Mission Changes

An internal memo says the embassy has grown to an "extraordinary footprint" and it is time to "ensure our Embassy is right-sized for the long-term."

(Image credit: U.S. Department of State)

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Initial Democratic Primary Debates Will Accommodate Up To 20 Candidates

The DNC plans to host 12 sanctioned debates during the 2020 primary cycle. The first one will be in June on back-to-back weekday nights. The format changes follow criticism during the 2016 campaign.

(Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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VIDEO: In A Post-Parkland America, Teens Talk About Gun Culture

Last spring, NPR traveled across the country to speak with teenagers about their many different relationships with guns.

(Image credit: Christopher Parks for NPR)

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CBS: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Feared Cover-Up Of Russia Probe

The ex-acting director of the bureau said he wanted to get the counterintelligence and obstruction inquiries on "solid ground" before a potential replacement could try to wash them away.

(Image credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

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Before There Was Internet Paranoia, There Was Lyndon LaRouche

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 02/14/2019 - 14:38
He was considered a wacko and denied access to a broad audience. Today, anyone can spread wild ideas online.
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The Secret History of Women in Coding

The New York Times Magazine – The Secret History of Women in Coding – Computer programming once had much better gender balance than it does today. What went wrong? by Clive Thompson (adapted from “Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World,” available March 26, 2019): “When digital computers finally became a practical reality in the 1940s, women were … pioneers in writing software for the machines. At the time, men in the computing industry regarded writing code as a secondary, less interesting task. The real glory lay in making the hardware. … If we want to pinpoint a moment when women began to be forced out of programming, we can look at one year: 1984. A decade earlier, a study revealed that the numbers of men and women who expressed an interest in coding as a career were equal. … From 1984 onward, the percentage dropped; by the time 2010 rolled around, … 17.6 percent of the students graduating from computer-science and information-science programs were women. One reason … has to do with a change in how and when kids learned to program. … Once the first generation of personal computers, like the Commodore 64 or the TRS-80, found their way into homes, teenagers were able to play around with them [before entering college] … By the mid-’80s, some college freshmen … were remarkably well prepared. … [T]hese students were mostly men, as two academics discovered when they looked into the reasons women’s enrollment was so low…”

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The median gender pay gap: It’s time to tell the whole story

Quartz: “There are gender pay gaps … and then there are median gender pay gaps. Understanding the difference between the two may determine just how much progress women make in terms of fairer compensation in the next decade. So first, the definitions: “Equal pay” gap: What women are paid versus their direct male peers, statistically adjusted for factors such as job, seniority, and geography. Often referred to in the context of “equal pay for equal work.” “Median pay” gap:  The median pay of women working full time versus men working full time. This is an unadjusted raw measure used by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  Women in the US, for example, make 80 cents on the dollar versus men on this basis.

Equal pay gaps measure whether women are being paid commensurate with their peers for the work they are doing today. But median pay gaps measure whether or not women are holding as many high-paying jobs as men. Narrowing the median pay gap means putting more women in leadership (and reaping the performance benefits that diversity affords). And that’s where investors come in. Concerned shareholders in major US financial and tech companies want to make sure the pay gap difference is understood—and acted upon. Consider the case of Citigroup. While it is true that women at Citi are paid 99% of what men are paid on an equal-pay basis when adjusting for job function, level, and geography, the median pay gap at the financial giant paints a very different picture: Women at Citigroup earn just 71% of what the men earn…”

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