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Why Lighting and Makeup Were 'Black Panther''s Secret Weapons

Wired Top Stories - 10 hours 44 min ago
All the filmmaking firepower in the world wouldn't make up for skin that didn’t look quite right in the light of the Wakandan sun.
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Uber's Express Pool, GM's Super Cruise, and More Car News

Wired Top Stories - 10 hours 44 min ago
Plus: the rise of electric, dockless bike-sharing, Tesla's crypto currency kerfuffle, and more car news you missed this week.
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Time-lapse Sequence of Jupiter’s South Pole

NASA Image of the Day - 11 hours 7 min ago
This series of images captures cloud patterns near Jupiter's south pole, looking up towards the planet’s equator.
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Why We Can’t Let Google Monopolize AI

Wired Top Stories - 11 hours 44 min ago
WIRED contributor Robert Wright on why the government needs to stop Google from monopolizing AI.
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California Water Agency Officials Charged With Burying Hazardous Waste And Corruption

California's attorney general has charged former and current employees with illegally burying drums filled with toxic chemicals and using public money for personal items.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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2nd Russian Olympian Fails A Doping Test At Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Nadezhda Sergeeva, a bobsled athlete, failed a drug test for a banned heart drug, the Russian Bobsled Federation announced on Friday.

(Image credit: Edgar Su/REUTERS)

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What It's Like to Visit Russia's 'Sports House' At The Pyeongchang Olympics

In the shadow of a doping scandal, Russian athletes, friends and fans are gathering at a hospitality venue during the Winter Games. "No alcohol," a man at the door warns visitors.

(Image credit: Felipe Dana/AP)

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This Startup Is Challenging Mechanical Turk—on the Blockchain

Wired Top Stories - 12 hours 44 min ago
Amazon's Mechanical Turk dominates the market for on-demand microtasks. Gems is using cryptocurrency to appeal to workers and task-requesters.
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'Annihilation' Review: A Thrilling, Terrifying Surrealist Trip

Wired Top Stories - 12 hours 44 min ago
Alex Garland’s adaptation is as monstrous as it is masterful—even more soul-shaking than the original.
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The Security Command Center Protecting the Winter Olympics

Wired Top Stories - 12 hours 44 min ago
In a windowless room in Seoul, dozens of security experts train—and watch—for the worst.
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And ‘The Waking Fire’ in Spanish is…

…’El alba de fuego’ – out now from Editorial Hirukoa. Details here:

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Florida Prohibits Municipalities From Enacting Gun-Control Laws

Rachel Martin talks to South Miami Mayor Phil Stoddard who wants to pass gun control measures in his city following last week's mass shooting, but Florida law prohibits local firearm regulations.

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Trump Trade Action Could Boost Steel And Aluminum Makers, Hurt Others Industries

President Trump is weighing tariffs or quotas on steel and aluminum imports. But a backlash is brewing by aerospace companies and other manufacturers, who say such moves will drive up costs.

(Image credit: Alwyn Scott/Reuters)

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Finding Strength In Shared Stories Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

In a StoryCorps conversation, two women who attended the New Bethany Home for Girls in Louisiana talk about the abuse they say they experienced there and how it affected them years later.

(Image credit: Morgan Feigal-Stickles/StoryCorps)

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This 'Gray Hat' Hacker Breaks Into Your Car — To Prove A Point

Everything from cars to thermostats is being connected to the Internet, raising security concerns. Samy Kamkar, who once hacked MySpace, hopes exposing vulnerabilities will make these things safer.

(Image credit: Jenn Liv for NPR)

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With Speech Friday, President Completes CPAC's Transformation To A Full-On Trump Show

The former libertarian-leaning annual conference has come to embrace President Trump's populism, with speakers from the White House touting the president's accomplishments.

(Image credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

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Now On Immigration's Front Lines, Sheriffs Are Choosing To Back Or Snub ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement often asks local jails to hold undocumented people until federal agents can pick them up. Most sheriffs cooperate, but some have taken a stand against the request.

(Image credit: John Burnett/NPR)

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Coal Jobs Have Gone Up Under Trump, But Not Because Of His Policies

The number of U.S. coal jobs rose slightly during the president's first year in office. But energy analysts credit short-term market forces and say they won't stop long-term decline.

(Image credit: Dake Kang/AP)

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POLL: The 'Inappropriate' Office Behaviors Most Pervasive In Workplaces

Over 9 in 10 people think both gossip and deliberate touching are inappropriate at work, and many have seen it happen. Yet, almost no one admitted to doing either in a new Ipsos/NPR poll.

(Image credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

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Texas Commutes Death Sentence, As Execution Carried Out In Florida; Alabama Postpones

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott granted clemency for 38-year-old Thomas Whitaker. Meanwhile, Florida put to death Eric Scott Branch, and Alabama will have to reschedule the execution of Doyle Lee Hamm.

(Image credit: AP)

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