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Anti-Vape Laws Could Do More Harm Than Good

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 14:00
Banning vaping just might drive teens to the black market—and send adult smokers back to their cancer sticks.
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U.S. Military Official Warns Of Dangerous Escalation In Iran-Backed Attacks In Iraq

A rocket attack Thursday at Baghdad's airport appears to be the latest in a string of attacks over the past five weeks that U.S. officials say have escalated both in frequency and potential lethality.

(Image credit: Khalid Mohammed/AP)

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Healthcare general counsels explore pressing health policy and legal issues at Harvard Law School

Christopher Bavitz joined General Counsels from some of America’s health care institutions – hospitals, insurers, biotechnology companies – at Harvard Law School as part of the General Counsels Roundtable to explore pressing health policy and legal issues facing companies today. 

Bavitz led the group in a discussion of the opportunities and challenges that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms present to the health care industry. The spirited conversation that followed raised questions on how to conceptualize the role of AI in health care decisions. Should AI be used as tool, or decision-maker? Or should it be viewed as a product or service, or even in some sense a “hire” for the system?

Read more in Harvard Law Today

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House Democrats Grill Betsy DeVos Over Denying Borrower Relief

The Education Secretary testifies before the House education committee about her handling of a loan relief program for student borrowers who say they've been defrauded by for-profit colleges.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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The War on Polio Just Entered Its Most Dangerous Phase

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 13:27
Though victory is close, the eradication campaign is on some very fragile ground. 
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Despite Warning Of 2nd Eruption, Police Will Try To Recover Bodies On White Island

Specialists will embark for the volcano island Friday morning local time, aiming to recover eight bodies. Scientists have warned of a roughly even likelihood of a fresh eruption activity.

(Image credit: Michael Schade/AP)

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In 'Medicare For All,' Healthcare Is Seen As A 'Critical Service'

New York Times investigative reporter Sarah Kliff talks about the costs and challenges of switching to a universal healthcare system — and what it might mean to eliminate private insurance entirely.

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71 Soldiers Killed In Attack On Army Camp In Niger

No group has taken responsibility so far the attack in the West African country, but the region has been a target of Islamist militants in the past.

(Image credit: Aaron Ross/Reuters)

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'We Were Blindsided': Families Of Extremists Form Group To Fight Hate

Members of the nonprofit Parents For Peace came to Washington to show the human toll of violent extremism. They want Americans to see hate as a public health crisis.

(Image credit: Hannah Allam/NPR)

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The Tale of WeWork Is Being Made Into a TV Show

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 12:00
*Succession* star Nicholas Braun, aka Cousin Greg, is set to star as WeWork’s founder Adam Neumann. 
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10 Former NFL Players Charged With Defrauding League's Health Care Program

The former players are accused of receiving payouts totaling $3.4 million for medical equipment they allegedly never purchased. The men charged include Clinton Portis, Robert McCune and John Eubanks.

(Image credit: Lawrence Jackson/AP)

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Russia Expels 2 German Diplomats In Deepening Quarrel Over Murder Probe

The retaliation, "guided by the reciprocity principle," comes after Germany expelled two Russian diplomats last week. The tussle stems from a murder in Berlin that Germany has linked to the Kremlin.

(Image credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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U.K. Holds A Pivotal General Election, And Voters Bring Their Dogs To The Polls

Boris Johnson's Conservatives are expected to win only enough seats to secure a small majority. So far on election day, the most popular figures at polling stations are (literally) dogs.

(Image credit: Richard Baker/In Pictures via Getty Images)

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Grammys Pledge More Diversity Under New Leadership

A task force on diversity and inclusivity led by Time's Up executive Tina Tchen made sweeping recommendations that could transform the Recording Academy.

(Image credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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A Kung Fu Master’s Leap Breaks the Internet—but Not Physics

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 10:00
A viral video appears to show a man jumping off water. What’s really going on here?
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Here’s How to Survive Sitting in the Bleachers This Winter

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 10:00
Our favorite gear to fend off the cold if you're braving the elements to see a football game this season—socks, gloves, hand warmers, and more.
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A Treat for the International Space Station's First Crew

NASA Image of the Day - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 09:26
In this image from December 2000, the Expedition One crew--the first to permanently inhabit the International Space Station--are about to eat a treat of fresh oranges.
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Before Sri Lanka's Easter Attacks, Muslims' Warnings About Terrorism Went Unheeded

Mohammad Taslim tried to warn authorities about other Muslims who'd been radicalized. He was shot soon after. Two men he flagged are now under arrest for links to Sri Lanka's Easter terrorist attacks.

(Image credit: Atul Loke/Getty Images)

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When Tech Giants Blanket the World 

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 08:00
As digital technology becomes central to society, critics worry that companies have too much clout.
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10 Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out (2019)

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 12/12/2019 - 08:00
Looking for a pair of sturdy and sweatproof wireless buds to help you rock your inner jock? We have you covered.
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