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FAA Is Not Alone In Allowing Industry To Self-Regulate

A number of government agencies work closely with the industries they are charged with regulating.

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Violence Against Women Act Gets Tangled Up In Gun Rights Debate

Most House Republicans oppose renewal of the 1994 law in part because it would restrict gun rights for individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse and stalking charges.

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AI Could Scan IVF Embryos to Help Make Babies More Quickly

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 04/04/2019 - 05:00
An algorithm that rates the quality of embryos better than specialists do is a first step toward making IVF easier for women.
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Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Podcast

Law Technology Today: “What do popular podcasts like Lawyer 2 Lawyer, Legal Talk Network, and Life of the Law all have in common? Their creators showed a commitment to the production process, dedicating themselves to their project. Though the early stages of development are long, involved, and sometimes frustrating, they’re necessary. With this in mind, new podcasters who are enthusiastic and eager to record need to take a few preliminary steps. Developing a legal podcast isn’t as simple as finding the right microphone and going off the cuff. You have to follow proper protocol and prepare far in advance of the first episode…”

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Harvard Caselaw Access Project Search

“Today we’re launching CAP search, a new interface to search data made available as part of the Caselaw Access Project API. Since releasing the CAP API in Fall 2018, this is our first try at creating a more human-friendly way to start working with this data. CAP search supports access to 6.7 million cases from 1658 through June 2018, digitized from the collections at the Harvard Law School Library. Learn more about CAP search and limitations. We’re also excited to share a new way to view cases, formatted in HTML. Here’s a sample!We invite you to experiment by building new interfaces to search CAP data. See our code as an example. The Caselaw Access Project was created by the Harvard Library Innovation Lab at the Harvard Law School Library in collaboration with project partner Ravel Law.”

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Paper – Unsexing Pregnancy

Fontana, David and Schoenbaum, Naomi, Unsexing Pregnancy (March 11, 2019). Columbia Law Review, Vol. 119, 2019. Available at SSRN:

“Because sex does not dictate the capacity to provide care in the home or work in the market, sex-equality law combats harmful sex stereotypes by eliminating statutes and regulations that assign these roles on the basis of sex. When it comes to pregnancy, though, courts and commentators alike chart a very different course. They assume that pregnancy is a biological event that is almost exclusively for women. Thus, equal protection jurisprudence accepts the legal assignment of carework during pregnancy to women, and a range of laws regulating pregnancy carework — from prenatal leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act to health benefits under the Affordable Care Act to employment protections under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act — apply only or mostly to women. Even though the sexed law of pregnancy stands in stark contrast to the unsexed law of parenting, the sexed pregnancy has avoided challenge and largely escaped notice.
This Article makes visible the law of the sexed pregnancy, identifies and evaluates the core tension it generates in the law of sex equality, and considers how to unravel this tension. Of course, typically only women can physically carry a child, and therefore some pregnancy regulations are appropriately sex specific. But the nine months of pregnancy encompass a range of carework, much of which has little or nothing to do with the physical fact of pregnancy. Expectant fathers can, for example, buy a carseat, quit smoking, take a childcare class, and choose a pediatrician or daycare center for the child. Given the ability to disaggregate sex from much of the carework of pregnancy, the law’s failure to do so marks women for caregiving and men for breadwinning in the same problematic way that sex-equality law has tried to combat after a child is born. And while pregnancy implicates real concerns about a woman’s constitutional right to bodily autonomy, this concern alone cannot justify the failure to scrutinize all sex-based pregnancy regulations, because much prebirth carework does not involve the woman’s body at all. After surfacing the law’s anomalous sexed treatment of pregnancy, this Article considers how to harmonize the law of sex equality. This effort can advance not only the goal of equality between the sexes, but also equality for lesbian, gay, and transgender parents, while at the same time enhancing women’s autonomy.”

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Tidal Basin is falling prey to foot traffic, climate change as groups seek funds to restore historic area

Washington Post – “With the sun out and Washington’s cherry blossoms at peak bloom, visitors on Wednesday thronged the Tidal Basin, eating picnic lunches and taking selfies beneath some of the Mall’s 3,800 cherry trees. A few yards from the Jefferson Memorial, a pathway that rings the basin was under nearly a foot of water and parts of its concrete wall were crumbling — a reminder that the landmark is falling prey to increased foot traffic, the growth of the Washington region and a changing climate. “In 2019, it’s not functioning the way we need it to,” said Teresa Durkin, the senior project director for the nonprofit Trust for the National Mall. “There is a certain amount of urgency.” Officials from the trust and the National Park Service launched an effort dubbed “Save the Tidal Basin” in a partnership that aims to bring nonprofit organizations and the federal government together to reimagine the area and develop improvement plans that they say could cost up to $500 million…”

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The butterflies that could stop Trump’s wall

BBC News – “The obstacles to President Donald Trump’s border wall are not confined to the four walls of Congress. As areas are cleared to start building new sections, some landowners, including a butterfly sanctuary, have sued to stop the construction…The butterfly centre…sits on 110 acres near the southern tip of Texas – an area of low-lying marshes, brush and scrub forests, offering a variety of ecosystems that provide ample habitat for migratory species of all shapes and sizes. It is also flush along the Rio Grande River, which forms more than 1,260 miles (2027 km) of the 2,000-mile border between the United States and Mexico. That puts the small, private environmental preserve in the centre of a raging debate over immigration and national security – and whether and where to build Donald Trump’s oft-promised border wall.

…South Texas is a funnel of sorts for animals that winter in Mexico and burst into the northern climes as the weather warms. It’s also the closest point in the US geographically to Central America, where a growing number of families have been fleeing poverty and political violence to seek refuge on US soil…”

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Opinion: America’s ability to identify financial stability risks is weakening

Medium Riki Matsumoto – “As the ten year anniversary of the infamous Lehman Weekend has come and gone, it’s important to reflect on the lessons that we learnt. Or in the tragic case of the Office of Financial Research, the independent federal agency Congress set up to identify risks to America’s financial stability; lessons that we should have learnt.

…Through Dodd-Frank, Congress addressed the issue of information: first, it created the Financial Stability Oversight Council (“FSOC”), consisting of all the federal financial regulatory agencies to identify threats to U.S. financial stability, and to promote market prudence; and second, it created the OFR (Section 153(a) of Dodd-Frank), an independent bureau within the U.S. Treasury, to “serve the needs of the FSOC, to collect and standardize financial data, to perform essential research, and to develop new tools for measuring and monitoring risk in the financial system.” In a way, the OFR was meant to be an independent, beating heart of America’s new financial oversight mechanism, by identifying, monitoring, and evaluating threats to financial stability.

…Since the Trump administrations bureaucratic overhaul, the OFR has experienced 20.6% reduction in total budget, and 40.6% reduction in full-time equivalent staff — a severe cut to capacity…”

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New Lawyers, Law Librarians Are Your Friends

Attorney At Work: Tips on working with law librarians to save you time and money. “I often ask myself how we ever got along without the internet. It’s so helpful when it comes to looking up information such as statutes, court forms and court procedures. Unfortunately, the internet sometimes doesn’t have the information I’m looking for. I have found that the most cost-effective and timely way to obtain the information is to call or email a law librarian…”

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ICE Raids Texas Technology Company, Arrests 280 On Immigration Violations

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it was responding to a tip that many workers at CVE Technology Group outside of Dallas were using fraudulent identification documents.

(Image credit: Anthony Cave/KERA)

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Near Eastern Landscapes and Declassified U2 Aerial Imagery

Near Eastern Landscapes and Declassified U2 Aerial Imagery, Advances in Archaeological Practice, Published online: 12 March 2019: “Recently declassified photographs taken by U2 spy planes in the 1950s and 1960s provide an important new source of historical aerial imagery useful for Eurasian archaeology. Like other sources of historical imagery, U2 photos provide a window into the past, before modern agriculture and development destroyed many archaeological sites. U2 imagery is older and in many cases higher resolution than CORONA spy satellite imagery, the other major source of historical imagery for Eurasia, and thus can expand the range of archaeological sites and features that can be studied from an aerial perspective. However, there are significant barriers to finding and retrieving U2 imagery of particular locales, and archaeologists have thus not yet widely used it. In this article, we aim to reduce these barriers by describing the U2 photo dataset and how to access it. We also provide the first spatial index of U2 photos for the Middle East. A brief discussion of archaeological case studies drawn from U2 imagery illustrates its merits and limitations. These case studies include investigations of prehistoric mass-kill hunting traps in eastern Jordan, irrigation systems of the first millennium BC Neo-Assyrian Empire in northern Iraq, and twentieth-century marsh communities in southern Iraq.”

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Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price

National Geographic – Electric lights have revolutionized our lives, but as illumination increases, the toll on wildlife and human health is becoming harder to ignore

…But if light bulbs have a dark side, it’s that they have stolen the night. The excess light we dump into our environments is endangering ecosystems by harming animals whose life cycles depend on dark. We’re endangering ourselves by altering the biochemical rhythms that normally ebb and flow with natural light levels. And in a primal sense, we’ve lost our connection to nighttime skies, the tapestries into which our ancestors wove their star-studded stories, timed the planting and harvesting of crops, and deduced the physical laws governing the cosmos…”

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Facebook Exposed Data Again, but This Viral Cat Can Save Lives

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 19:25
Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less.
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Google Will Now Require Suppliers to Give Benefits to Workers

Wired Top Stories - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 18:39
Firms that contract with Google will have to pay workers $15 an hour and provide health care and parental leave benefits.
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Key House Democrat Formally Asks For Trump's Tax Returns

Rep. Richard Neal, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, asked the IRS commissioner for six years of President Trump's personal tax returns, as well as returns for some of his businesses.

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Bipartisan Disapproval Over Trump Administration's Housing Program Cuts

Lawmakers told HUD Secretary Ben Carson Wednesday they're very unlikely to support the administration's budget plan to cut billions of dollars from housing and development programs.

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Bad Diets Are Responsible For More Deaths Than Smoking, Global Study Finds

Some 11 million deaths annually are linked to diet-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease, a study finds. Researchers say that makes diet the leading risk factor for deaths around the world.

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Pilots Split Over FAA Chief's Claims On Boeing 737 Max Training

The top official at the FAA says airline pilots had enough training to handle Boeing's flight control software linked to two deadly crashes. His statement has divided pilots in the U.S. and overseas.

(Image credit: Andrew Harnik/AP)

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