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The Highway Drone Dataset

Naturalistic Trajectories of 110 000 Vehicles Recorded at German Highways

Request access to the dataset! [The HighD dataset is free for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in commercial use]

“About the Dataset – The highD dataset is a new dataset of naturalistic vehicle trajectories recorded on German highways. Using a drone, typical limitations of established traffic data collection methods such as occlusions are overcome by the aerial perspective. Traffic was recorded at six different locations and includes more than 110 000 vehicles. Each vehicle’s trajectory, including vehicle type, size and manoeuvres, is automatically extracted. Using state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, the positioning error is typically less than ten centimeters. Although the dataset was created for the safety validation of highly automated vehicles, it is also suitable for many other tasks such as the analysis of traffic patterns or the parameterization of driver models. Click here for details.”

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The Deadly Problem with Bike Lanes

Outside: Most cyclists know that bike lanes offer very limited physical protection. They might not know that they offer approximately zero legal protection either.

…Experienced cyclists already know that a conventional bike lane—where government officials paint stripes on the road to demarcate a dedicated space for riders—offers few real physical protections from motor vehicles. But the case in Bend offers a window into how the legal protections they offer are extremely limited, too. The problem extends outside of Oregon. After the October ruling, I spoke with two attorneys who specialize in cycling-related law—one based in Colorado and the other in Ohio—and both said that existing laws in their states do almost nothing to define cyclists’ right of way in bike lanes or protect them in a crash…”

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The Caselaw Access Project expands public access to US law

Three Hundred and Sixty Years of Caselaw: “The Caselaw Access Project (“CAP”) expands public access to U.S. law. Our goal is to make all published U.S. court decisions freely available to the public online, in a consistent format, digitized from the collection of the Harvard Law Library.

What data do we have? CAP includes all official, book-published United States case law — every volume designated as an official report of decisions by a court within the United States. Our scope includes all state courts, federal courts, and territorial courts for American Samoa, Dakota Territory, Guam, Native American Courts, Navajo Nation, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Our earliest case is from 1658, and our most recent cases are from 2018. Each volume has been converted into structured, case-level data broken out by majority and dissenting opinion, with human-checked metadata for party names, docket number, citation, and date. We also plan to share (but have not yet published) page images and page-level OCR data for all volumes…”

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11th Annual Women in the Law Conference

“The eleventh annual Women in the Law Conference will take place on Friday, May 17, 2019, at Northeastern University School of Law. This conference provides career guidance and professional development growth to women attorneys and other professionals at all stages of their careers and brings together powerful decisionmakers from Massachusetts, Alaska, Canada, California, Illinois, New York, Washington, DC, and beyond. The conference organizers have posted a long list of links to articles that you might find interesting.” [via Mary Whisner]

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How to Remember What You Read

Farnam Street: “Why is it that some people seem to be able to read a book once and remember every detail of it for life, while others struggle to recall even the title a few days after putting down a book? The answer is simple but not easy. It’s not what they read. It’s how they read. Good reading habits not only help you read more but help you read better…”

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The Tree of Life Shooting and the Return of Anti-Semitism to American Life

The New Yorker – Alexandra Schwartz: The Tree of Life Shooting and the Return of Anti-Semitism to American Life. “It is the ancient Jewish expectation of persecution—when, where, has it not been with us?—married to American reality: a country saturated with guns and habituated to quotidian massacre, plagued by age-old racism and bigotry, which have lately been expertly inflamed by the holder of the highest office in the land. For the past few years, American Jews have glanced warily at Western Europe, where anti-Semitism, never dormant, is once again on the rise. The British Labour Party has been riven by accusations of anti-Semitism among its leadership. French Jews have emigrated to Israel in unprecedented numbers. In Sweden, synagogues and Jewish centers have been firebombed. After 9/11, American synagogues and community centers became barricaded spaces, outfitted with concrete sidewalk barriers and metal detectors, so that going to services felt like going to the airport. The concern then was an external threat.”

Please note my previous post – and we all know that hatred is never sleeping, just resting a bit, here and there, but certainly, never, everywhere – we just count the days or weeks to when it will roar back with consequences that change of course of lives and families and communities, history, humanity…the future. We are all mourning – we stand together but we should not always be coming together, only, to mourn those whom we have lost to violence.

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Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Delay Census Citizenship Question Trial

The first trial over the controversial question on the 2020 census is scheduled to start Nov. 5. But the Trump administration is now asking for a delay.

(Image credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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The Master of Paper Props

“Ross MacDonald makes his paper by making paper. For the last 25 years, he’s created tens of thousands of paper props for movies and television shows like “Baby’s Day Out,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Parks and Recreation.” From handwritten letters to driver’s licenses, each piece is custom made and thoughtfully imbued with backstory. Step into Ross’s Connecticut workshop to see how movie magic gets illustrated, aged, cut and copywritten…” [Archivists, librarians, researchers – take a minute to watch this little film please]

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Signal's "Sealed Sender" Is a Clever New Way to Shield Your Identity

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 10/29/2018 - 17:16
"Sealed sender" gives the leading encrypted messaging app an important boost, hiding metadata around who sent a given message.
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How to Watch Apple's (Second!) Fall Hardware Show

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 10/29/2018 - 17:00
We're expecting new iPads and a new MacBook. Here’s how you can watch all the action, from wherever you are.
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Russians Honor Victims Of Stalin's Purges Outside Moscow Security Headquarters

A lawyer attending the "Return of the Names" event said it was a rare occasion to express discontent with Russia's present government.

(Image credit: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images)

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'One Of The Darkest Hours': Sri Lanka Roiled By Prime Minister's Abrupt Dismissal

President Maithripala Sirisena fired and replaced his former ally with a controversial former leader, Mahinda Rajapaksa. But lawmakers have rejected what they call a subversion of the constitution.

(Image credit: Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP/Getty Images)

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Pentagon: 5,000 Troops Will Be Deployed To U.S.-Mexico Border

The troops will likely be active-duty Army personnel. As U.S. troops are prohibited from performing law enforcement activities within the United States, they will be in support roles only.

(Image credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

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President Trump To Visit Pittsburgh After Deadly Synagogue Shooting

A spokeswoman dismissed suggestions that Trump's rhetoric has contributed to a hostile climate. She said Trump won't shy away from drawing distinctions with Democrats before the midterm elections.

(Image credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

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Killing Of 2 At Kentucky Supermarket Is Being Investigated As Hate Crime

The police chief of Jeffersontown, Ky., says the attack was racially motivated, and federal prosecutors say they're investigating whether the murders are hate crimes.

(Image credit: Timothy D. Easley/AP)

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Eli Saslow Traces A 'Straight Line' From White Nationalism To The Synagogue Shooter

"In the horrific hierarchy of white nationalist beliefs, they really consider Jews their primary enemy," the journalist says of the suspect in the Pittsburgh shooting Saturday.

(Image credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

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China Tries To Woo A Sprawling Global Chinese Diaspora

China is extending its reach into emigre communities overseas in remarkable ways. Harnessing their energy, know-how and capital is one more facet of President Xi Jinping's "Chinese dream."

(Image credit: Anthony Kuhn/NPR)

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Races to Watch on Election Night 2018

Wired Top Stories - Mon, 10/29/2018 - 14:02
The outcomes of these contests could shape issues like net neutrality, data privacy, and the tech industry’s business practices for years to come.
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Food Stamps For Soda: Time To End Billion-Dollar Subsidy For Sugary Drinks?

SNAP provides nutrition assistance for about 42 million Americans, but critics say now is the time to restructure the $70 billion annual program in a way that promotes healthier food choices.

(Image credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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World's Biggest Pork Producer Pledges To Cover Manure Ponds

Smithfield Foods says it will pay farmers to cover their manure ponds with plastic on more than 1,000 U.S. farms. Those "lagoons" have become increasingly controversial.

(Image credit: Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

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