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5 Proven Benefits Of Play

The nation's doctors are being enlisted in a new fight: reclaiming children's right to play. A research paper urges pediatricians to prescribe playtime.

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His $109K Heart Attack Bill Is Now Down To $332 After NPR Told His Story

"I don't feel any consumer should have to go through this," says Drew Calver, of the huge surprise bill he got from an Austin hospital after his 2017 heart attack. He's worried about other patients.

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A Memoir Of An '80s California Childhood — And Being Steve Jobs' Daughter

In Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs insists that hers is a universal story about growing up with an artistic, itinerant single mom — and the founder of Apple, before he was ready to be her father.

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As People Across The Country Mourn, Sen. McCain's Casket Arrives In Washington

The late Arizona senator will lie in state in the Capitol rotunda and will be honored in a ceremony on Saturday where former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush are expected to speak.

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NFL Arbitrator Moves Colin Kaepernick's 'Collusion' Grievance To Formal Hearing

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who drew criticism in some quarters for protests during the national anthem, has accused the NFL of conspiring to shut him out of the league.

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Canadian Court Puts A Stop To Expansion Of Major Oil Pipeline (For Now)

An appeals court sided unanimously with environmental and indigenous groups in the decision; for construction to resume, the government must comply with court orders that could take years to satisfy.

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Greyhound Bus, Semi-Truck Crash Head-On In New Mexico; At Least 4 Killed

Initial reports suggest the trailer was headed east on I-40 when one of its tires blew out, causing the driver to lose control and sending the truck careening across the median into oncoming traffic.

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Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Kosher Chicken Kills 1, CDC Says

Seventeen people also have been sickened in an outbreak that federal officials say has been linked to Empire Kosher brand chicken.

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Why California's Privacy Law Won't Hurt Facebook or Google

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 08/30/2018 - 22:17
The California Consumer Privacy Act was heralded as a blow against Big Tech. But the law will primarily constrain smaller actors in the online-ad world.
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AI and Big Data: A Blueprint for a Human Rights, Social and Ethical Impact Assessment

Mantelero, Alessandro, AI and Big Data: A Blueprint for a Human Rights, Social and Ethical Impact Assessment (May 12, 2018). (2018) 34(4) Computer Law & Security Review 754-772 . Available at SSRN:

“The use of algorithms in modern data processing techniques, as well as data-intensive technological trends, suggests the adoption of a broader view of the data protection impact assessment. This will force data controllers to go beyond the traditional focus on data quality and security, and consider the impact of data processing on fundamental rights and collective social and ethical values. Building on studies of the collective dimension of data protection, this article sets out to embed this new perspective in an assessment model centred on human rights (Human Rights, Ethical and Social Impact Assessment-HRESIA). This self-assessment model intends to overcome the limitations of the existing assessment models, which are either too closely focused on data processing or have an extent and granularity that make them too complicated to evaluate the consequences of a given use of data. In terms of architecture, the HRESIA has two main elements: a self-assessment questionnaire and an ad hoc expert committee. As a blueprint, this contribution focuses mainly on the nature of the proposed model, its architecture and its challenges; a more detailed description of the model and the content of the questionnaire will be discussed in a future publication drawing on the ongoing research.”

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'Enemy Of The People': Man Echoing Trump's Words Charged With Threatening Newspaper

In an Aug. 16 editorial, The Boston Globe said the president's "assault on the free press ... has dangerous consequences." Later that day a man allegedly threatened to shoot Globe workers in the head.

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Finding Open Access Articles – Tools & Tips

LITA Blog – Ashley Farley – This guide is meant to help individuals, of any background, search more easily for open access articles.

“One of the pillars of libraries is facilitating access to the large corpus of existing knowledge. Typically this requires accessing gated information through a publisher or other service provider. Each institution can manage access to subscriptions in a way that works best for their communities – usually either by IP authentication or login credentials. This can be cumbersome for affiliates when not working onsite as there are often additional barriers to subscription access. Often this can require using Remote Desktop or a VPN to connect to a network before access is recognized. For the institution where I work this involves 10 – 15 clicks with two verification steps (one login and one requiring verification clicks on a mobile phone). This is how each off site journal access begins. I can’t help but think in these moments that open access is just technically easier. Often it is one or two clicks – no additional verification needed. It eliminates the need to know whether or not your institution hosts a specific subscription. You know you have access and you have access now. However, the discovery process for open access articles isn’t necessarily the same as subscription searching. Especially if you do not have access to specific subscription databases.”

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New bilingual Google Assistant with new smart home devices

Google Blog: “This summer, we’ve brought the Google Assistant to more devices across Europe and the rest of the world to help you get answers and get things done in more languages (most recently supporting Spanish, Swedish and Dutch). At IFA 2018, we’re adding multilingual support, so that the Assistant will be able to understand and speak more than one language at a time. Additionally, we’ll be introducing new phones and a broad range of devices and appliances for the home that support the Assistant from our growing ecosystem of partners in Europe…”

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DOJ Warns It Might Not Be Able to Prosecute Voting Machine Hackers

Motherboard: “…After more than a decade of headlines about the vulnerability of US voting machines to hacking, it turns out the federal government says it may not be able to prosecute election hacking under the federal law that currently governs computer intrusions. Per a Justice Department report issued in July from the Attorney General’s Cyber Digital Task Force, electronic voting machines may not qualify as “protected computers” under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the 1986 law that prohibits unauthorized access to protected computers and networks or access that exceeds authorization (such as an insider breach)…”

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Construction Worker Sues Company, Says He Was Fired For Not Attending Bible Study

The $800,000 lawsuit contends that Ryan Coleman, 34, was required to attend weekly meetings against his wishes. The company said the requirement was not illegal and employees were paid to attend.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Corinne Schram)

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Is It Possible to Find Love Without Dating Apps?

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 08/30/2018 - 19:55
I ditched Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, and set out on a journey to find old-fashioned love in a newfangled world.
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The Hidden Toll Of Conflict On Kids

A new study offers a novel way to measure how many children have really died as a result of conflict in Africa.

(Image credit: Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

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Firefox's New Browser Will Keep Brands From Stalking You

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 08/30/2018 - 18:25
Future versions of Firefox will block third-party tracking codes, and trackers that take too long to load, by default.
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Bias of Big Tech news not substantiated by the facts

NextDraft: “…This week, President Trump has been attacking Google (and by extension, all of big tech) for being biased against him and the other “victims” who support him. As Kara Swisher rightfully explains in the NYT, “the idea that Google and Twitter are rigging their platforms against him is patently false.” In The Atlantic, Alexis Madgridal adds, “There is a reason that Microsoft’s Bing News or Apple News have nearly the same mix of news sources as Google News: By reasonable, measurable standards, those organizations are the ones reporting the state of the world best.” Madrigal and Swisher are two of our best tech reporters and they clearly explain why the president’s attacks are dead wrong. Here’s the problem with this situation: The point of Trump’s attacks on Google are not intended to ‘prove’ bias at tech companies. Like all the manufactured controversies before it, this one is intended to get Americans to argue the issue, which gives validity to the debate, and ultimately leaves the masses wondering if anyone or anything can be trusted. It’s not about definitive proof or objective truth. It’s about broad confusion and general mistrust…”

See also the Atlantic – Trump Has Changed How Teens View the News – “Young people can see the president’s tweets as jokes, but they still often share his negative feelings about the press.”

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