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Devin Nunes' Re-Election Tests Whether All Politics Are Now National

Rep. Devin Nunes easily won his last reelection. Now the chair of the House Intelligence Committee is in for the tightest race of his political life, thanks to his views on the Russia investigations.

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As More Democrats Embrace 'Progressive' Label, It May Not Mean What It Used To

More Democratic candidates who call themselves progressive entered the ring in 2018 than in the past several campaigns, but they're not all running on the full Bernie Sanders agenda.

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Brazil's Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Wins Presidential Runoff

The retired army colonel has expressed admiration for the country's brutal 1964-1985 dictatorship, made incendiary remarks about women, gays and minorities, and decried "fake news."

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Indonesia Airliner Crashes With 188 Aboard

The Lion Air Boeing 737-800 disappeared from radar over the sea shortly after takeoff from Jakarta's international airport. Indonesian television showed video of an oil slick and a debris field.

(Image credit: Antara Foto Agency/Reuters)

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Boston Red Sox Beat LA Dodgers To Win World Series

The Red Sox closed the series game 5-1 on the Dodgers' home turf Sunday. A leadoff home run from Steve Pearce and strong pitching from David Price helped Boston land their fourth title in 15 years.

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IBM Buying Open Source Specialist Red Hat for $34 Billion

Wired Top Stories - Sun, 10/28/2018 - 20:35
The deal could bolster IBM's position in cloud computing.
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In Major Acquisition, IBM Will Acquire Open-Source Software Company Red Hat

IBM will acquire Red Hat for $190 per share, in a deal worth approximately $34 billion. Both companies took pains to say the Red Hat ethos and commitment to open source would continue.

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A Look At Gab, The 'Free Speech' Social Site Where Synagogue Shooting Suspect Posted

The website where the synagogue shooting suspect posted anti-Semitic messages has served as a home for the far-right online in Gab's quest to have few restrictions on speech.

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Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Press Conference

There was a press conference earlier this hour about the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh Saturday. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro has a recap.

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The Latest On Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

NPR's special coverage of Saturday's shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue continues.

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'Wonderful People, Good Souls': The Victims Of The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The 11 people who were killed on Saturday ranged in age from 54 to 97. Two of them were brothers, and two were a married couple. Here are some of their stories.

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US midterm elections: A guide to everything you need to know

CNN – “Millions of voters will soon go to the polls across the US, but they won’t be picking a president. The impact of the midterm elections, however, could be almost as significant. President Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot, but the results will be a referendum on the polarizing US leader, his policies and the Republican politicians who have tied their fortunes to his. President Trump could have more power or less in Washington by the end of Election Day. The elections are on Tuesday, November 6, but lots of people will have already voted by then because early voting is a thing in the US, where about 40% of ballots were cast before Election Day in 2016. Here’s everything you need to know about the US midterm elections.” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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Comparison of Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo

Business Insider: “Switching your search engine is not something to be taken lightly — it’s our internet lifeblood. We rely daily on algorithms we don’t understand to surface the exact article we’re looking for. And if for some reason it’s not at the top of our results — even if the search we entered was a half-baked string of words — we get frustrated. Luckily, in 2018, Google has put most of those frustrations to rest. But now that search seems to be in a “steady state,” it gives us some time to consider what else is out there. These past two weeks, I did something that 15, maybe even 10 years ago, may have been inconceivable: I gave other search engines a go. First, I tried the privacy-focused, ad-blocking DuckDuckGo. The next week I moved to Microsoft’s Bing, something I never thought I’d hear myself say…” [h/t Pete Weiss]
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WIPO Lex provides free of charge access to legal information on intellectual property

WIPO Lex is a global database that provides free of charge access to legal information on intellectual property (IP) such as treaties administered by WIPO, other IP-related treaties, and laws and regulations of some 200 countries.

WIPO Lex aims to achieve the objective set forth in Article 4(vi) of the WIPO Convention, that is, WIPO “shall assemble and disseminate information concerning the protection of intellectual property, carry out and promote studies in this field, and publish the results of such studies.” WIPO Lex covers all WIPO Member States.

WIPO is a specialized Agency of the United Nations (UN). Accordingly, the coverage of WIPO Lex extends to IP legal information of the Members of the UN.

WIPO Lex also covers IP legal information of the Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in accordance with the Agreement between WIPO and WTO of December 22, 1995, which provides for the WTO Secretariat to transmit to the International Bureau of WIPO, a copy of the laws and regulations received by the WTO Secretariat from WTO Members under Article 63.2 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights..”

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TinEye Reverse Image Search

  • “Using TinEye, you can search by image or perform what we call a reverse image search. You can do that by uploading an image or searching by URL. You can also simply drag and drop your images to start your search.
  • TinEye constantly crawls the web and adds images to its index. Today, the TinEye index is over 32.1 billion images.
  • When you search with TinEye, your image is never saved or indexed. TinEye adds millions of new images from the web every day—but your images belong to you. Searching with TinEye is private, secure, and always improving…”

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A Legal Framework to Govern Online Political Expression by Public Servants

Clarke, Amanda and Piper, Benjamin, A Legal Framework to Govern Online Political Expression by Public Servants (May 14, 2018). Clarke, Amanda & Benjamin Piper. 2018. “A Legal Framework to Govern Online Political Expression by Public Servants”, Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, 21(1), 1-50. . Available at SSRN:

“This paper considers the extent to which public servants should be allowed to engage in political activities in online fora such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The question of the appropriate balance between the principle of political neutrality binding public servants and their Charter-protected right to political expression has been extensively addressed in the case law. However, the framework set out in the existing jurisprudence was developed in the context of more traditional forms of political engagement, and fails to provide clear guidance in an age when the political activities of public servants, like those of Canadians as a whole, have to a large degree migrated to social media and other platforms on the web. In an effort to remedy this deficiency, the authors lay the foundation for a revised framework for assessing the permissibility of online political activity by public servants, consisting of four analytical factors: the level and nature of a public servant’s position; the visibility of the online activity; the substance of the online activity; and the identifiability of the online actor as a public servant. Adopting this test, the authors contend, would enable adjudicators to strike a reasonable balance between freedom of expression and the principle of political neutrality, by recognizing that in today’s world both politics and life as a public servant play out online.”

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ABA ethics opinion offers guidance on data breaches

ABA Journal: “Lawyers have to safeguard client data and notify clients of a data breach, and the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has issued a formal opinion that reaffirms that duty. In Formal Opinion 483, issued Tuesday, the standing committee also provided new guidance to help attorneys take reasonable steps to meet this obligation….This opinion builds on the standing committee’s Formal Opinion 477R released in May 2017, which set forth a lawyer’s ethical obligation to secure protected client information when communicating digitally. “When a breach of protected client information is either suspected or detected, Rule 1.1 requires that the lawyer act reasonably and promptly to stop the breach and mitigate damage resulting from the breach,” Formal Opinion 483 says.

To that end, this week’s new formal opinion only discusses the breach of client data, not other data breaches that may also require action on the part of an attorney or firm. The ethics opinion implicates Model Rule 1.1 (competence), Model Rule 1.4 (communications), Model Rule 1.6 (confidentiality of information), Model Rule 1.15 (safekeeping property), Model Rule 5.1 (responsibilities of a partner or supervisory lawyer) and Model Rule 5.3 (responsibilities regarding nonlawyer assistance). Like many ethics opinions regarding technology, this opinion does not endorse particular hardware or software, but rather presents “reasonable” steps a lawyer could take…”

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2017 Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents

“In its annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, ADL found that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. rose 57 percent in 2017 – the largest single-year increase on record and the second highest number reported since ADL started tracking such data in 1979. The sharp rise was in part due to a significant increase in incidents in schools and on college campuses, which nearly doubled for the second year in a row…”

See also Quartz: “A gunman has killed multiple people (11), and shot at least 12, including three police officers, at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday (Oct. 27). The suspect has been named as 46-year-old Robert Bowers. While we don’t yet know his motives—authorities are treating the attack as a hate crime—we do know that this tragedy is the culmination of years of rising anti-Semitism in the US, both off and online, that has ramped up ahead of the November midterm elections. According to a report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish civil-rights group, the midterm elections have been a “rallying point” for far-right extremists to organize efforts to spread hate against Jews online. The ADL released a report just yesterday, on Oct. 26, which found that far-right extremists in the US have generated a wave of anti-Semitic harassment against Jewish journalists, political candidates, and private citizens. As the report states: “The online public sphere—now a primary arena for communication about American politics—has become progressively unhospitable [sic] for Jewish Americans.”

But it’s not just online. In 2017, anti-Semitic incidents (including physical assaults, vandalism, and attacks on Jewish institutions) surged nearly 60% over the previous year, according to an ADL audit, the largest single-year increase on record, and the second-highest number reported since the ADL started tracking anti-Semitic incidents in 1979…”

And also via Quartz – If you’re surprised by anti-Semitism, you’re not paying attention

Via BuzzFeedNews: Residents Say The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting “Ripped At The Fabric Of Our Community” As Authorities Detail A Crime Driven By Hatred Of Jews…And the city’s mayor — responding directly to President Trump — said he believed the nation’s focus should be on gun control, not security measures.” Note – this article includes the criminal complaint against the gunman, Robert Bowers.

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Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections

Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Our goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at all levels of government. We are firmly committed to neutrality in our content; here’s why. As a nonprofit, our mission is to educate. We’re here for you when:

  • You’re considering a run for office.
  • You’re making decisions about how you’ll vote in an election.
  • You need the latest political news and analysis from a reliable, nonpartisan source.

Ballotpedia’s articles are 100 percent written by our professional staff of more than 50 writers and researchers. Although we have an office in Middleton, Wisconsin, the majority of our staff work from home offices across the United States. Geoff Pallay serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Ballotpedia. See a full list of Ballotpedia’s employees.

What we do – See also: Scope of Ballotpedia, Ballotpedia Email Updates

Ballotpedia connects people with politics by changing the way they access the information they need to be informed about federal, state, and local politics. Our content includes neutral, accurate, and verifiable information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, candidates, and the influencers of politics. Ballotpedia currently has over 276,000 encyclopedic articles and offers daily, weekly, and monthly email newsletters on a variety of specialized topics. See the full scope of what we cover...”

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Debunking 5 Viral Images of the Migrant Caravan

The New York Times: “A group of Honduran migrants traveling through Mexico toward the United States has attracted enormous amounts of attention in recent days, including a litany of false, misleading and unproven statements circulating on social media. Some of this misinformation has been fueled by statements from officials in the United States, including President Trump, who spread an unproven rumor that “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” were among the group. (He later admitted there was “no proof” for his statement.) Other rumors have been shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Here is a closer look at five widely shared images of the caravan, along with why the claims made about them shouldn’t be taken at face value…”

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