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In Blackbeard Pirate Ship Case, Supreme Court Scuttles Copyright Claims

A videographer spent two decades documenting the the salvage of the Queen Anne's Revenge, and when North Carolina put his work on line without permission, he sued.

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FEMA's Fight Against Disinformation, From National Lockdown Rumors To Stockpiling

"Do not believe the disinformation campaigns," Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tweeted. "Please do not pass it along. Use trusted local and federal government sources."

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Climate Change Push Fuels Split On Coronavirus Stimulus

Clean energy groups have their own wish list for the massive coronavirus stimulus bill. They say the country's ability to tackle climate change is at stake.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Takes The Spotlight In Coronavirus Response

Cuomo is known as a "take-no-prisoners kind of guy." He's been getting praise even from some critics for his daily briefings and decisive actions as New York becomes the hardest hit state in the U.S.

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As Coronavirus Delays Primary Season, States Weigh Expanding Absentee Voting

There is growing interest in expanding voting by mail, at least for the remainder of 2020, in order to keep pollworkers and voters safe. But there are many challenges to pulling it off.

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Man Dies, Woman Hospitalized After Taking Form Of Chloroquine To Prevent COVID-19

The couple ingested chloroquine phosphate, a chemical used to treat malaria that has been touted in recent days by President Trump as a possible "game changer" against COVID-19.

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COVID-19: Cybercrime Opportunities and Law Enforcement Response

CALI –  Guest Speakers Available for Remote Teaching Law School Courses / Coronavirus/Covid-19Updated 3/20/2020 “I noticed that several generous folks were offering to be guest speakers for law school courses and thought it would be a good idea to consolidate a list in one place.  I sent out a short survey – – and these professionals volunteered! I invite you to examine their credentials and contact them directly to arrange to speak to your class.  CALI is working on a more long term version of this service that would go beyond this current pandemic.   If you have any questions or you are a volunteer who wants their name removed, contact me John Mayer – or DM me @johnpmayer.” [h/t Mary Whisner]

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Yale’s most popular class ever is available free online

Business Insider – and the topic is how to be happier in your daily life

  • “Yale University is offering a free course online, The Science of Well-Being, that teaches you how to be happier.
  • Professor Laurie Santos taught a class called Psychology and the Good Life first in spring 2018 in response to concerning levels of student depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • It became the most popular class in Yale’s history and garnered national and international media attention.
  • To share the class’ contents with a wider audience, Santos created a Coursera course. You can audit it entirely for free or opt for a $49 certificate of completion.
  • I enrolled in the class and was surprised by how truly helpful it was — it was interesting, but it also felt concrete and useful in everyday life…”


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Guide and Design for Rapidly Produced Face Shields

Columbia University Libraries – What is the problem? As the Coronavirus Pandemic  continues to spread around the world, the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) becomes more acute. With a 3D printer, however, it is possible—while supplies last—for ordinary citizens to manufacture PPE and make them available to hospitals and clinics in their communities. How can I help? Although 3D printers can be used to print complex PPE such as N95 masks, printing a successful mask is beyond the reach of the abilities and budgets of many people who wish to help. On the other hand, 3D printers are very useful for printing visors that can be attached to clear plastic to make face shields. This site provides documentation and the necessary model to 3D print visors. What will I need?

The face shield is made up of three parts:

  1. An elastic headband holding the shield in place on the health care worker’s head.
  2. A 3D-printed visor connecting the elastic to the transparent shield that rests on the health care worker’s forehead.
  3. A transparent shield made of acetate or thin acrylic.

To create a face shield, one needs access to a 3D printer, cutting tools for the shield itself, and the ability to sanitize the shields with disinfectants once they are produced…”

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Traffic and Pollution Plummet as U.S. Cities Shut Down for Coronavirus

The New York Times – “In cities across the United States, traffic on roads and highways has fallen dramatically over the past week as the coronavirus outbreak forces people to stay at home and everyday life grinds to a halt. Pollution has dropped too. A satellite that detects emissions in the atmosphere linked to cars and trucks shows huge declines in pollution over major metropolitan areas, including Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Chicago and Atlanta.

In Los Angeles, as businesses and schools have closed this month and drivers have stayed off the roads, air pollution has declined and traffic jams have all but vanished. Preliminary data from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P satellite show that atmospheric levels of nitrogen dioxide, which are influenced in large part by car and truck emissions, were considerably lower over Los Angeles in the first two weeks of March compared to the same period last year. The car-dependent city normally features some of the highest smog levels in the country…”

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The Financial Times is making key coronavirus coverage free to read

“Coronavirus: free to read Note from Roula Khalaf, Editor: The Financial Times is making key coronavirus coverage free to read to keep everyone informed during this extraordinary crisis. Please share the stories on this page using #FTfreetoread.”

Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as the pandemic spreads | Free to read
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Big Tech Could Emerge From Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever

The New York Times – Amazon is hiring aggressively to meet customer demand. Traffic has soared on Facebook and YouTube. And cloud computing has become essential to home workers: “…While the rest of the economy is tanking from the crippling impact of the coronavirus, business at the biggest technology companies is holding steady — even thriving. Amazon said it was hiring 100,000 warehouse workers to meet surging demand. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said traffic for video calling and messaging had exploded. Microsoft said the numbers using its software for online collaboration had climbed nearly 40 percent in a week. With people told to work from home and stay away from others, the pandemic has deepened reliance on services from the technology industry’s biggest companies while accelerating trends that were already benefiting them. Amazon has muscled in on brick-and-mortar retailers for years, but shoppers now reluctant to go to the store are turning to the e-commerce giant for a wider variety of goods, like groceries and over-the-counter drugs. Streaming services like Netflix have dampened box office sales for movies in recent years. Now, as movie theaters close under government orders, Netflix and YouTube are gaining a new audience…”

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Yale Program on Financial Stability – COVID-19 Crisis

Yale School of Management – “Central banks, fiscal authorities, and international organizations are taking extraordinary steps to respond to the market distress caused by the COVID pandemic. Policy makers need decision support as they consider their options. The Yale Program on Financial Stability (YPFS) is tracking what governments across the world are doing in response to the crisis. Look here for a regularly updated tracker and blog posts on these interventions. In addition, materials from our study of previous financial crises could be of use to policymakers. For many previous interventions, we have summaries of key design decisions and evaluations of outcomes. We also have a rich online archive of implementing documents and public communications from these interventions.
2020 Financial-Intervention Tracker – The tracker follows interventions by central banks, fiscal authorities, and international organizations aimed at restoring financial stability. The tracker will also highlight significant proposals from people and institutions outside of government. Each tracker entry will provide summary information and link to relevant press releases or articles about the intervention.

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Cyborgs, trolls and bots: A guide to online misinformation

AP: “…Political misinformation has been around since before the printing press, but the internet has allowed falsehoods, conspiracy theories and exaggerations to spread faster and farther than ever. Misinformation is defined as any false information, regardless of intent, including honest mistakes or misunderstandings of the facts. Disinformation, on the other hand, typically refers to misinformation created and spread intentionally as a way to confuse or mislead. Misinformation and disinformation can appear in political ads or social media posts. They can include fake news stories or doctored videos. One egregious example of disinformation from last year was a video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that was slowed down to make her sound as if she were slurring her words. Research indicates that false claims spread more easily than accurate ones, possibly because they are crafted to grab attention…[h/t Pete Weiss]

Researchers who study Americans’ changing media habits recommend that people turn to a variety of sources and perspectives for their news, use critical thinking when evaluating information on social media, and think twice about reposting viral claims. Otherwise, they say, misinformation will continue to flow, and users will continue to spread it. “The only solution,” Ferrara said, “is education.”

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Woody Allen's Book Published Amid #MeToo Backlash

Arcade has put out hardcover and e-book editions of the memoir. It had been dropped earlier by Hachette Publishing after company employees, along with author and Allen's son Ronan Farrow, protested.

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Wisconsin Pushes Forward With April 7 Primary Despite Coronavirus

Many other states have delayed elections but Wisconsin leaders are sticking with the date. In part, it's because local and state offices are also on the ballot.

(Image credit: Maayan Silver/WUWM)

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Coronavirus Task Force Doctor Did Not Meet Guidelines For Test, But Got One Anyway

Dr. Deborah Birx said she had a "low-grade fever" Saturday and tested negative for coronavirus. But her symptoms don't line up with what the government is advising for who should get a test.

(Image credit: Alex Brandon/AP)

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The Trump Administration Says Self Swabs Are Coming Soon. Is That A Good Idea?

A lack of testing has been a big problem when it comes to the novel coronavirus. Vice President Pence says people will soon be able to self swab. There are pros and cons to that.

(Image credit: Paul Sancya/AP)

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FACT CHECK: Trump Says 50,000 Could Die From Flu. So Far, It's Half That

President Trump says 50,000 could die from the flu. So far, the Centers for Disease Control says it's 23,000 this season. But, regardless, you can't really compare the flu to coronavirus.

(Image credit: Alex Brandon/AP)

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People With Disabilities Say Rationing Care Policies Violate Civil Rights

People with disabilities are asking the federal government to stop state and hospital policies that they fear will ration care in favor of younger and healthier people.

(Image credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

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