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Park Police Officer Who Provided Backup Testifies In Derek Chauvin Trial

Chauvin's attorney said the footage from Officer Peter Chang's bodycam would show how another officer reacted to events, as well as reflect bystanders' reactions to what they were seeing.

(Image credit: Court TV via AP)

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Expert Testifies Chauvin's Actions Were Justified And In Line With Policies

Defense witness Barry Brodd, a former police officer and use-of-force expert, told the court that the defendant, Derek Chauvin, followed his training as he pinned down George Floyd with his knee.

(Image credit: Court TV/Pool via AP)

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Biden To Make Historic Census Director Pick With Latinx Statistician Rob Santos

If confirmed by the Senate, Robert Santos, president of the American Statistical Association, would be the bureau's first permanent director of color overseeing the national count and major surveys.

(Image credit: Errich Petersen)

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Passenger In George Floyd's Car Testifies In Derek Chauvin Trial

Shawanda Hill said she was with George Floyd when an officer drew a gun outside the car. Floyd grabbed the wheel and said, "Please, please don't kill me, please, please don't shoot me," she recalled.

(Image credit: Court TV/Pool via AP)

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Brooklyn Center Police Chief And Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright Resign

The resignations of Kim Potter, who fired her gun at Wright, and Chief Tim Gannon come after the city council passed a resolution calling for them to be relieved of duty.

(Image credit: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. On 'The Black Church' And His Own Bargain With Jesus

When he was 12, Gates made a bargain with Jesus in an attempt to save his mother's life. He talks about how that altered his own life, and his new book and PBS series, The Black Church.

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Biden Administration Says It Will Withdraw U.S. Troops From Afghanistan By Sept. 11

A senior administration official said that all U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks that prompted America's involvement in its longest war.

(Image credit: Lolita Baldor/AP)

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Pitcher Hope Trautwein Throws A Perfect Game Of All Strikeouts

The softball pitcher from the University of North Texas made NCAA Division I history on Sunday by throwing a perfect game in which she registered all 21 outs by strikeout.

(Image credit: Tate Hawkins/North Texas Athletics)

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Biden's National Security Team Lists Leading Threats, With China At The Top

The intelligence community views four countries as posing the main security challenges over the next year: China, followed by Russia, Iran and North Korea.

(Image credit: Claire Harbage/NPR)

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Protests Grow In Minnesota And Around U.S. Over Death of Daunte Wright

Police clashed with protesters for a second night in Brooklyn Center, Minn., as outrage spread across the U.S. over Wright's death at the hands of an officer who meant to use her Taser, officials say.

(Image credit: Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images)

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'Enough Is Enough': Democrats Push For GOP Support On Asian American Hate Crimes Bill

The legislation would address the spike in hate crimes and violence targeted at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Democrats need GOP votes to advance the bill in the Senate this week.

(Image credit: Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine And Blood Clots: What You Need To Know

Government health officials are recommending a "pause" in vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. We're answering your questions as we learn more.

(Image credit: Stephen Zenner/Getty Images)

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Revealed: the Facebook loophole that lets world leaders deceive and harass their citizens

Julia Carrie Wong – A Guardian investigation exposes the breadth of state-backed manipulation of the platform. “Facebook has repeatedly allowed world leaders and politicians to use its platform to deceive the public or harass opponents despite being alerted to evidence of the wrongdoing. The Guardian has seen extensive internal documentation showing how Facebook handled more than 30 cases across 25 countries of politically manipulative behavior that was proactively detected by company staff. The investigation shows how Facebook has allowed major abuses of its platform in poor, small and non-western countries in order to prioritize addressing abuses that attract media attention or affect the US and other wealthy countries. The company acted quickly to address political manipulation affecting countries such as the US, Taiwan, South Korea and Poland, while moving slowly or not at all on cases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mongolia, Mexico, and much of Latin America. “There is a lot of harm being done on Facebook that is not being responded to because it is not considered enough of a PR risk to Facebook,” said Sophie Zhang, a former data scientist at Facebook who worked within the company’s “integrity” organization to combat inauthentic behavior. “The cost isn’t borne by Facebook. It’s borne by the broader world as a whole.” Facebook pledged to combat state-backed political manipulation of its platform after the historic fiasco of the 2016 US election, when Russian agents used inauthentic Facebook accounts to deceive and divide American voters. But the company has repeatedly failed to take timely action when presented with evidence of rampant manipulation and abuse of its tools by political leaders around the world…”

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Biden To Nominate Christine Wormuth As 1st Female Secretary Of The Army

With an extensive background in foreign policy and national security, Christine Wormuth would be the first woman to serve as secretary of the Army if confirmed by the Senate.

(Image credit: Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images)

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Watch Live: Chauvin Defense Expected To Start Presenting At Murder Trial

Medical experts called by the prosecution have stated that low oxygen levels, caused by the police restraint, were the primary cause of George Floyd's death.

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India's Crusade To Save Babies And Moms In The Pandemic

A UNICEF report estimates that hundreds of thousands of babies in South Asia alone have died because of the inability of pregnant women to get appropriate care. India is seeking solutions.

(Image credit: Ranjith Kumar)

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Cinerama Dome Among ArcLight, Pacific Theaters To Close Due To Pandemic Losses

With the closing of 300 screens, Hollywood laments the loss of the iconic Cinerama Dome; it opened in 1963 with the premiere of Stanley Kramer's wide-screen comedy It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

(Image credit: David Livingston/Getty Images)

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Data Brokers Are a Threat to Democracy

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/13/2021 - 09:00
Unless the federal government steps up, the unchecked middlemen of surveillance capitalism will continue to harm our civil rights and national security.
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Master & Dynamic Is Having a Big Sale on Audio Gear Now

Wired Top Stories - Tue, 04/13/2021 - 09:00
You can get 25 percent off sitewide through April 19. That includes discounts on some of our favorite headphones, earbuds, and speakers.
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