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United Airlines Says It Will Offer Travelers Coronavirus Tests At The Airport

A pilot program on flights from San Francisco to Hawaii would give on-the-spot tests for the virus that causes COVID-19. Travelers who test negative would not be required to quarantine upon arrival.

(Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Family Ordeal Catapults A Young Filipina To The U.S. — And The Pandemic Front Lines

Quimberly 'Kym' Villamer, a nurse at a hospital in New York City, shares what it was like to grow up in the Philippines while her parents worked in the U.S.

(Image credit: Robert Gonzales)

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Alexa Now Has Its Own Questions for You

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 09/24/2020 - 14:30
A new feature from Amazon allows the intelligent assistant to ask users to clarify requests, such as “Dim the lights.”
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'Conenator': Who Is Amy Coney Barrett, Front-Runner For Supreme Court Nomination?

The 48-year-old judge, a possible replacement for the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is seen has having a proven conservative track record. Here are her views on faith, precedent, guns and more.

(Image credit: Rachel Malehorn, via AP)

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How the Pandemic Transformed This Songbird’s Call

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 09/24/2020 - 14:00
When the San Francisco Bay Area locked down, urban noise levels plummeted. In response, the white-crowned sparrow changed its tune.
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Louisville Update: Man Is Charged With Shooting Police Officers During Protests

The man suspected of shooting two officers "has been charged with two counts of assault in the first degree and 14 counts of wanton endangerment," police say.

(Image credit: Ben Hendren/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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A Neuroscience Project Pushes To Include More African Americans In Brain Research

People of African ancestry have been excluded from many studies of brain disorders. In Baltimore, scientists, doctors and community leaders are working to make neuroscience research more diverse.

(Image credit: janiecbros/Getty Images)

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LA Chargers Team Doctor Reportedly Punctured Quarterback's Lung By Mistake

The NFL Players Association is investigating after a Los Angeles Chargers team doctor reportedly punctured quarterback Tyrod Taylor's lung while administering a painkiller for cracked ribs.

(Image credit: Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Vandalized With 'Black Lives Don't Matter' Sign

A black bear skin was also left draped on a park entrance in Tennessee. Investigators are offering a reward for information on the incident, which a ranger called "particularly egregious."

(Image credit: U.S. National Park Service)

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Dutch Celebrities Face Backlash After Rejecting Efforts To Prevent COVID-19

With the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee ("I no longer participate"), several musicians and influencers said on social media they were opting out of campaigns to promote social distancing and face masks.

(Image credit: Paul Bergen/Redferns/Getty Images)

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Go Ahead, Try to Sneak Bad Words Past AI Filters—for Research

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 09/24/2020 - 12:10
A new Facebook project pits humans against algorithms, to expose the systems' weaknesses and help make them better.
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How Twitter Survived Its Biggest Hack—and Plans to Stop the Next One

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 09/24/2020 - 12:00
On July 15, Twitter melted down. On Election Day, that's not an option.
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Cherokee Nation reservation is now visible on Google Maps

Cherokee Nation – Anadisgoi: The Cherokee Nation’s reservation boundaries are now mapped on Google Maps. “After the monumental US Supreme Court ruling in McGirt v Oklahoma, we’ve had many questions about our reservation boundaries, which always existed on paper maps. Now that our reservation is labeled on Google Maps, it’s easy for people around the world to search and see our reservation boundaries,” Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said. The Cherokee Nation reservation boundaries include 7,000 miles in northeastern Oklahoma. “Google Maps aims to provide the freshest, most accurate map possible. In response to July’s Supreme Court decision, we worked to evaluate authoritative data and then used this information to add labels and borders for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole reservations to Google Maps. These reservations are now viewable and searchable on Google Maps,” Raleigh Seamster, program manager for Google Maps said. Cherokee Nation citizen Joseph Erb provided feedback about the reservation mapping project, which includes mapping for all Five Civilized Tribes. “It is an exciting step forward to be included on the map,” Erb said. “This is a visual reminder that our nation is still here and a contemporary Indigenous nation of Continent.”

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PHOTOS: Scenes From Breonna Taylor Protests Around The Country

Protests emerged around the country after no police officers were charged directly over the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Here's a selection of pictures of demonstrations nationwide.

(Image credit: Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

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Tear Gas Deployed In Atlanta During Breonna Taylor Protests

Demonstrators took to the streets of Atlanta overnight in the wake of the decision not to charge officers directly over Taylor's death. Candidates for Georgia's Senate race weighed in.

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Walter Cronkite in 1967 with view of Home Office of 2001

Smithsonian – 3D-TV, Automated Cooking and Robot Housemaids: Walter Cronkite Tours the Home of 2001. In 1967, the most trusted man in America investigated the home of the 21st century.

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'Honor Her Wish': Trump Met With Boos As He Pays Respects To Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is lying in repose at the Supreme Court. President Trump is expected to announce his nominee to replace Ginsburg on Saturday.

(Image credit: Cheryl Diaz Meyer for NPR)

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Republican Leaders Reject Trump Hedging On Transfer Of Power Amid War Over Confidence

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others rebuked President Trump's equivocation about whether he might transfer power peacefully against a backdrop of uncertainty about the ongoing election.

(Image credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

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Breonna Taylor Update: Denver Police Detain Man After Car Plows Through Protest Area

The protesters were starting to disband near the Colorado state Capitol. Some of them blocked the vehicle before it abruptly sped away.

(Image credit: Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

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A Trump-Biden Debate Without Climate Change Is Inexcusable

Wired Top Stories - Thu, 09/24/2020 - 10:08
The West is on fire, the Gulf Coast is under water, and voters want candidates to talk about the environment.
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