Moving to Drupal Content Mangement - Tool for Site Management and More

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I changed the core software being used to build this website to Drupal - which variously defines itself as a "platform" and a "system" for "content management."  In 30 words, Drupal defines itself in a single paragraph, with two-sentences, at the entry into, as a “platform”:

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.

The title bar of the site includes the heading: “Drupal – Open Source CMS” – indicating a classification as a system.  It matter not to me how to classify it.  Drupal provides an outstanding system for managing content, and content presentation, plus document storage and distribution, and a whole lot of other possible functions that can be added through “Modules” that extend the core functions of Drupal.

Presently available for Drupal: 

  • 27,598 Modules

  • 2,030 Themes

  • 834 Distribution (packages of modules compiled for specific types of web sites)

That’s a lot of activity, and a lot of flexibilty through the available modules.  In all, Drupal provides a wealth of possible functionality that can very simply added to the website.

Previsously, I was using Joomla as my site builder.  Joomla made no sense to me.  I could never tell what was a module or component or content or why.

More to come:

  • Check for Blog entries on Drupal benefits and uses.
  • Check our site (hopeful) for demonstrations of what we're doing with Drupal.