Drupal - A New Tool Tapped for Information and Knowledge Management (Starting w/ This Site)

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Drupal comes from behind in the race for selection to serve my web-site management software needs.  Henceforth, Drupal will provide the backbone for this website, including creation, content management, authoring, styles/themes, data storage/management, document management, and whatever else I can dream up and concoct for this website.  I intend to experiment with the possible (and probably the impossible) for management of information (and knowledge) via the web.

More than Just A Content Management System

Content Management Systems ("CMS") are the basic software tool used for managing a website.  The basic tool designed for Drupal provides outstanding core functionality, for 

I have a vision of how computers/software should work for us!  In my vision, all our computers/devices/apps/phones/tablets (I know that's redundant, but that's sort of the point) will run software that works together as a (nearly?) seamless team for information and knowledge management.  I want these tools readily at hand anywhere (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) that will provide for organizing, classifying, storing, retrieving, managing, researching, writing, manipulating, presenting, analyzing and otherwise using information.


Managing a simple website (such as this one) provides a small example of information/knowledge management, and a number of tools exist for And many websites provide  , documents, and knowledge - on a flexible platform.  Drupal seems to have the foundation for bring these tools together, and this is now my start.

For this start, Drupal is up and running smoothly as the foundation of dgbutterworth.com.  Installation and setup were easy, requiring just a few clicks of the mouse to install the Drupal core, including a MySQL database.  A few minutes later, I had a home page. Credit for the ease of installation goes to my webhost - GoDaddy.com.

Drupal's structure and logic seem to all fit together into a workable network of content characterization and presentation.  A wide range of modules (14,000+ and count) exist to extend the functionality available for managing information and presentation.  I've started playing with the available tools.

Note that Drupal was not my first choice.  It's my second choice on the live site, after harrowing trial and error, and final capitulation to failure with using Joomla!  The specs and promises of Joomla!'s functionality offered promise (with enough time and determination), so I went live with it. Maybe my head and Joomla! were/are just a bad mix, but as I delved into really trying to structure Joomla! - actually, just trying to understand and use the structure - I failed, miserably. I found no logic, and no satisfaction.

Drupal's structure makes sense. Thing's fit together. Not in straight line - but interconnected in a comprehensible pattern. We'll see where it goes. (Also worth noting that the version of Drupal offered for easy install is nearly current (Drupal Core 7.22 compared to 7.23). The Joomla! easy install version offered by GoDaddy.com was a major upgrade behind the current live version at Joomla! (Joomla! 2.5 compared to 3.1(?)) (maybe version 3 of Joomla! makes more sense - it's possible).

Webhosting win: GoDaddy.coml, from behind, with easy install and domain registrar tech (and price).

I also spent some time looking for good web hosting solutions. GoDaddy won (obviously), for two reasons: 1) the variety of easy-install web apps (particularly Joomla! and Drupal, but there are more), and 2) GoDaddy is a real, live domain registrar (not just a reseller), which helped greatly in my time of need. Oh, also, their prices are great (not the cheapest, but close). If your looking for hosting - they have good deals - check it out: 50% off Hosting for your Website at GoDaddy.com!