Ethervane ActiveHotkeys - Useful utility for maximizing flexible use of your system

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I've been having trouble with strange mouse responses. (I click in a text editor window to place the cursor, and the editor jumps to the next tab in its window. Or I click on a new web link and the browser goes backwards. Irritating, to say the least.)
Wondering if this deviant behavior may result from some interaction with another program due to some "hotkey" assignment (such as the [ctrl-click] "hotkey" used in many writing applications to open a url link in the text), I did some research on how to identify the active hotkeys on my system.  I found this nifty utility:
Ethervane ActiveHotkeys detects what global keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) are currently registered on the computer by various applications. This helps you determine which hotkeys are in use, and which are still available. All possible combinations of Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Win modifiers with regular typewriter keys are supported.
This nifty utility helped me to identify a number of useful (and active) short cuts.  While it does not show what the active shortcuts do, a little experimentation with the shortcuts allows for identification of the usefulness of those shortcuts.