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Payments & Contributions - Online Via Paypal or Major Credit Card

This page provides tools sending us payments online, via PayPal accounts or using any major credit or debit card (processed by PayPal).

We strictly adhere to a nondiscrimination policy for all payments.  All payments initiated will be accepted and processed without close regard or scrutiny of  reason, rational, rationality, source or sense (subject, however, to legalities and other niceties, and without acceptance of any condition or expectations not expressly preapproved prior to payment initiation).

The systems used for processing payments seem to expect/require payments to be associated with identifiers - we identify categories for payments made - in submission to the technical limitations of systems.  (If you desire to make a payment that simply cannot fit, just let us know.  We'll accommodate, if possible.)

Payment Categories

  • Payment - Funds payable per mutual agreement and exchange, with details and other useful reminders provided by our invoices.
  • Acknowledgement - Contributions to acknowledge/affirm/encourage our continued efforts to advance the common good via disseminating/dissembling/disassembling/distracting/deconstruction/dabbling and otherwise providing something of some (abstract) value that you recognize.
  • JollyGoodShow - We always strive for ... and payments will here are applied to producing and presenting shows, with more jolly and more good.  (Any requests/suggestions for focus or direction reasonably considered.)
  • Semantic Splinters - Categories from Payment Processing System often are semantically disjointed.  If the Category you want don't fit ... try harder.  Suggestions/examples:

    • stipulated a stipends (= Payment)
    • free lunch (= Acknowledgement)
    • spontaneous generosity (= JollyGoodShow)
    • other - just ask, we can add new categories to provide items specific to your purchase/payment/contribution plans.

For all those payments to support and acknowledgment for our contributions to the common good - thank you.  Really - Thank you.

For all those payments per prior agreement and exchanges, per invoices - thank you - also.  Really - Thank You!


Not this one ... doesn't work!  [My first attempt ... seemed like the best approach, but it doesn't work (maybe I needed to create a shopping cart first?  I did that last.]:

  Acknowledgement -- (would be $1 per ... if it worked)

You can use this one! It works!

Feel like seeing a "JollyGoodShow"? ... just add one (or more) to your cart!! We'll be sure to give you as many Jolly Good Shows as you can handle!! ($1.00 per JollyGoodShow -  how much can you take?)

new JollyGoodShow



This is also fully functional, and adds greater flexibility!

  • Be a penny pincher!  (You choose how much to fork over ... to the penny)
  • Show us how you really feel:  Lots (many many pennies?) or just adding your two red cents?
  • And be precise in your sentiments ($0.01 increments)

new button - AcknowledgementPennies


Lost? (Me too ...) Want to re-consider? (consideration is good ... not so sure about re ... )  You can always retreat to here:

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