Practice Summary and Professional Experience

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Present Practice and Services - Summary

  • Counsel, advise, collaborate, develop and participate in developing businesses, in organizations or as individual endevours, to identify develop, and expand return of value on invested resources, while protecting and maintaining existing value.
  • Focus is on efficient business planning and operation, in stages of startup, development, growth, and organization management, aimed at identifying unseen, hidden value and unlocking the potential to develop maximum realization.  Areas of practical interest include real property interests with perceived or even actual risks, where methods exist for reasonable and effective risk curtailment that will result in realization of unperceived value.  Similarly, recycling of materials or reorientation of personal property can result in realization of unperceived value. 
  • Development of coordinated systems for efficient and effective management of information and knowledge to competitive adavantage continues as an interest, with potentia to created new value or leverage existing resources.

Business Planning and Ventures - Example

  • Establashed, developed and managed business enterprises, as the principal and chief officer, including Biosolids Ventures, Inc. ("BVI").
  • BVI was formed to develop and impliment plans for recycling biosolids in the highest and best end-use (generally, as fertilizer).  In 2002, BVI was awarded a five-year multimillion dollar contract for providing services for managing biosolids from Howard County, MD.  (Unfortunately, after BVI won the initial bid, the bidding process was subsequently reopenned and the original award to BVI was circumvented.)
  • The primary reason that BVI won the initial bid for the contract was the inclusion of a detailed "Biosolids Marketing Plan," including comprehensive technical references deomontrating feasibility, that served as the core of BVI's proposal for managing Howard County's biosolids (with the additional teaser of proposing to return a share revenues from the sale of biosolid productes with Howard County).  The combination of clarity, detail, and technical support, together with anticipated revenue returns, provided sufficient for Howard County to make the award of the contract to BVI - a company of limited resources and personel (principally operated by me (providing a majority of the startup funding), with guidance and support from a valued advisor (who generously provided funding of a minority share for startup).

I loved the business model - getting paid to pickup our raw material, proceed with appropriate processing and packaging, complete by distributing the material for sale, generating additional revenue.

  It's also the right thing to do - returning valuable resources (nutrients in the case of biosolids) to productive use.

Sadly, with the derailing of  the initial victory at Howard County, BVI's available resources were exhausted without any visible potential for positive returns on the horizon.  So, the staff was transitioned back to pursuit of more traditional and immediately profitable ventures.  The winning Biosolids Marketing Plans developed by BVI (including original, unabridge original versions and more compact verrsions targeted on Howard County) remain on file, and may contain elements with potential value, in the right place or time, or simply by way of example and map for developing different plans.  The overall Propopal for Services to Howard County Biosolids, in which the Marketing Plan is only a part, may also contain useful or instructive elements.  Even if only for simple diversion, the documents are openly provided here for review, download, and use or adaptation without charge, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  (If anyone does find these documents useful, we'd love to hear about it.  Or we can respond to questions, if any.)

Science, Research, Development

  • Formerly employed as environmental chemist for a substantial producer of agricultural chemicals (working in the "Agricultural Products Environmental Sciences" division - aka A.P.E.S.), continuing to invest time and attention on developing technical matters, including issues related to environment and regulation, such as recycling of specific materials and realization of econmic value of impacted real property (brownfield's redevelopment).
  • Information and Knowledge Management Systems and the assessment and management of environmental risk and compliance in business operations and property management.

Law Practice - Points of Entry

  • Commenced professional legal practice at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, providing services for eight years.  Following the luxury of large-firm infrastructure and support, legal practice continued as of counsel at the small but experienced firm of Miller Dunham & Doering, along with development systems to allow small firms, with small or no support staff, to deliver levels of service and manage matters of complexity in competition with the capabilities of mega-firms.
  • Establishing the firm of Butterworth & Campbell PC, in or around 1988, serving as managing partner, Chief Information Officer,  for two years. In 2000, Butterworth began serving existing and new clients as an independent, sole-practitioner. He maintains his Offices 10 miles from Philadelphia's center city, in Haverford, Pennsylvania. The offices are convenient to many locations, with easy access by train or car to Philadelphia (including its federal and state courts) and its surrounding counties, including Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, and Delaware.

Education - Chart of Formal Degrees in Science and Law

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry, cum laude, awarded by Connecticut College.   Received American Chemical Society Award.
  • Master of Science degree in Chemistry awarded by Drexel University.
  • Juris Doctorate degree in Law awarded by Villanova University School of Law.  Served as founding editor-in-chief of the Villanova Environmental Law Journal, which has given me the perpetual honor of establishing the "David G. Butterworth Award," given annually in recognition of oustanding dedication and service to the Journal.

Education - Present Continuation on Uncharted Paths

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David G. Butterworth
Friday, November 8, 2013